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  1. Both running backs in the same game. 0.5 PPR. Who would you start Jamaal Williams or David Johnson
  2. Hopefully the expanded playoffs don't last. Do we really need to have the teams like the Brewers in the playoffs? They have Ryon Healy, Orlando Arcia and Jedd Gyrko as the heart of their lineup again Kershaw. Someone called Tyrone Taylor in RF. This is a bad team.
  3. If you assume Gio and Kuechel aren't going to pitch..the White Sox are down to 4 pitchers.
  4. Super fun...go with Pineda in DFS against the Reds....1B, BB, 1B..first 3 batters and I'm already doomed for the night...literally can not pick a decent pitcher all effing year.
  5. This Marlins / Yankees game is rigged...MLB wants the good story of the Marlins making the playoffs...Happ throws strikes and the home plate umpire calls it a ball...Marlins pitcher gets it near the plate it's a strike..what a JOKE! Boone will for sure get ejected.
  6. That "strikeout" pitch to Judge was at his ankles..time for robot umps!
  7. Literally...EVERY POS pitcher I pick in DFS gets rocked...I've maybe had 5 "good" starts in 55 games so far this year...Today's loser..JA Happ.
  8. Ugh, stacked Angels and Rockies all weekend in Coors Field and not many runs another low scoring game...frustrating!
  9. Dang, this DFS shitb is tough. Thought Charlie Morton would be decent today against a terrible Red Sox team. First 2 batters,double for Yairo Munoz?, Vazquez HR and I'm already pretty much out of the money after 2 batters.
  10. Stacked Rockies and Padres today! 1 run in 6 innings, lol.