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  1. Don't have to keep everyone..but everyone I have has a price on (Steamer, Rotowire, Mastersball, etc) that is at least a couple dollars higher than the salary I could keep them at. Yes, a couple are only a few dollars (someone at a keep of $1 but projected price of $5-6)...but with inflation their prices in auction would be at minimum $4-5 more to get back.
  2. Opinion on this decision.interesting topic. Do you keep your best "value" players even though it would limit your draft/auction options. Would you keep a lesser "value" player if it gives you more options on draft day? Example...We can keep up to 11 players in a keeper league where we start 14 hitters and 9 pitchers...My best value players if I go by kept salary versus prices published so far (Mastersball, Rotowire, etc.) Would be to keep 9 pitchers and 2 hitters. This would mean during the auction I couldn't bid on any pitchers or nominate any pitchers. Or would you keep a couple pitchers spots open just to be able to bid on or throw out pitchers in the draft. Keeping a couple pitchers spots open would mean keeping some players who according to prices published at this time wouldn't have as much profit. Ideally I would make a trade but the league is pretty tough to make trades in the pre-season.
  3. After 2 times it's 15 yards and then I think the clock stops too
  4. Think he's down short of the TD, doesn't matter but he's short
  5. NFL wanted Mahomes, now it's Rodgers turn. Guessing the refs will be all in for GB tonight.
  6. Lucky? Nothing lucky about their play in the playoffs so far.
  7. Away game so dropped the over/under on horrible calls that help the Packers to 3.5. I'll take the over.
  8. Guy who must not play in AL or NL only leagues.
  9. You don't think the first time Springer or Bregman got one in the ribs, they wouldn't tell the camera man to stop?
  10. I prefer the old way of handling sign stealing..ask Drysdale or Gibson what they would have done if someone was stealing their signs? A couple guys getting hit in the ribs and/or hand and problem solved no more sign stealing.
  11. Would NL pitchers get credit for their hitting stats as well? Would that make AL pitchers more valuable since you wouldn't get the horrible average. Would it make relievers more valuable since they never get to hit.