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  1. A team with 3 1,000 yard receivers in a single season has only happened 5 times in the history of the NFL. None of those had a rushing attack the Cowboys do.
  2. Why? Cousins with the Vikings has been 12th and 4th rated by QBR in the last two seasons. He was 9th and 8th in Passing TDs the last two seasons. If anything I can see docking because of the Vikings scheme and their affinity to running the ball, but Cousins isn't the problem.
  3. I'm guessing the first of July or the All Star break. Purely a guess, but just think this thing gets worse for a week or two, before hopefully it starts to come into control. Players will need a couple weeks to get ready, they players association won't let them start games immediately. We may see extended rosters, at least for a few weeks into the season.
  4. Anybody, setup a auction draft at Fantrax? Due to some of our members being immune compromised. We have discussed online drafting. We would need to be able to add keepers.
  5. Which site has a good auction interface? Just thinking ahead if we move my leagues draft to an online draft? AL/NL only leagues, auction.
  6. In an AL only league, would you rather have Heaney at $1 for this season only. Or extend him a year so he's $6 for this season and $6 for next. Kind of want to save the $5, but also think if Heaney can stay healthy he's a bargain at $6.
  7. Great spring so far, if you put any stock in that. AL only pitching gets thin fast with Verlander, Sale, Severino, Clevinger all out for at least some time, and a risk factor in drafting any of them. Obviously Severino is out for the year. Steamer has him just outside the top 20 for AL starters. Rotowire has him as the 12th most valuable AL starter.
  8. Well he pitched today, couldn't throw a strike. Hopefully it's just rust and not that his elbow was bothering him.
  9. Maybe after a few weeks, once the Super 2 deadline is past. The Orioles suck, so might as well see what Chris Davis has left.
  10. True, but even if I draft 2 closers in an only league, I'm still allowed to use the free agent pool, pick up a few MR type guys later in the draft or in the reserve round. Then any saves I pick up during the year are excess that can be used in deals to get categories I need. Seems guys like Kennedy, Colome, Melancon, etc. are going for less than they should. Maybe not by much but by $3-5 least in my opinion.
  11. I've seen some, what I think very low prices published for closers this year. Also the prices on closers in the CBS mock and LABR seemed low. I know saves aren't what they used to be, but saves is still a category. Especially in AL or NL only leagues, everyone thinks saves are easy to come by. In only leagues the pool is half as deep so it's tougher to grab guys in season. Maybe I'm just slow to react to the market.
  12. With AJ Puk looking like a DL candidate to start the season, this opens up a spot for Bassitt. Bassitt was sneakily effective last year. 10 wins, 141 K in 144 IP, 3.81 ERA, 1.19 WHIP.
  13. Rumours of the Mets being interested in Andujar in return for Matz. Don't see why the Mets would be interested, considering they seem to have enough options at 3B and the corner OF spots.
  14. I think he's slated to start the year in AAA, at least until they determine if Travis Shaw has anything left to offer.
  15. With Stanton already injured, the Yankees are giving reps to Andujar in the OF. Could be a bargain if he picks up some at bats in the OF along with filing in at 3B or 1B. One drawback, I think he only qualifies at DH/UT.