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  1. I think once the auction bidding gets too high on Reese this season, I'm going to pull out.
  2. I'm usually a AL or NL only player, but tried my luck with a NFBC league yesterday. Please rate my team. Ca: Alfaro, Romine 1B: Goldschmidt 2B: Altuve 3B: Jose Ramirez SS: Story OF: Eloy, Ozuna, Kris Bryant, Kepler, Ian Happ MI: Biggio CI: McMahon UT: Gregorious P: Snell, Bauer, Wheeler, Ray, Boyd, Y. Chirnos, LeClerc, Kela, Magill RES: Verdugo, Braun, Profar, Hilliard, Dustin May, Sheffield, Lindblom
  3. I think they were in the 4th or 5th round or so when news starting coming down of the possible Betts trade to the Dodgers.
  4. The top couple guys will go for a little more but not a ton. I usually avoid the top guys, because in a AL or NL only league if those guys do get hurt..usually your depth isn't good enough to make up for it. I usually avoid the Stars/scrubs approach. Hit up the $10-25 players so you have solid stats from everywhere. Depending on your league setup if you use 5 OFs, outfield is actually a tough position to fill. I usually try to get a good solid 5 outfielders and if you want to have a few cheaper players..leave that for MI or CI. I focus on guys who provide both HRs and SB and avoid the guys who dominate in a category..seems like the huge HR guys and big SB guys go for too much. I end up with a bunch of guys who can steal around 10, instead of getting a Mondesi / Mallex Smith type guys.
  5. Guessing they think he'll never develop into a starter. Maeda I think is underrated. I would probably gamble and see what Graterol could do, but it's not terrible.
  6. Pederson went to the Angels. Pretty much guarantee to start again RHP. Jo Adell, slightly blocked now. But once he's ready I'm sure they'll find room.
  7. Dodgers send out Verdugo and Maeda, receive back Betts/Price. Red Sox send out Price/Betts, receive Verdugo/Graterol Twins send out Graterol, get back Maeda Separate trade The Dodgers trade Pederson for Rengifo from the Angels.
  8. Appears Betts/Price to the Dodgers is complete with a 3rd team involved. Conflicting reports of the 3rd team, possible Joc Pederson going to the Angels (for what??). Others reporting the Twins as the third team (not sure for what).
  9. Sounds like the Twins are going to sign Taijun Walker to a minor league deal.
  10. 49ers getting worked over by the officials so far
  11. Twins sign Chacin for another arm to test out in the spring. Possibly start until Pineda is off suspension.
  12. Just focusing on the AL Central. I think the Twins pitching is being underrated. They finished 5th in the AL in ERA last year, the only real loss from that team is Gibson who didn't pitch much or well due to ulcerative colitis. Martin Perez signed with the Red Sox but that's nothing major. They probably pitched a little over their heads last year, but even falling back a little puts them at worst 6th or 7th in the AL. They didn't add a top tier pitcher but did add some solid bullpen depth in Clippard, Romo (only pitched a few innings for them last year), innings eater in Bailey, Rich Hill as a high end gamble. They plan on using Graterol out of the bullpen, I'm thinking they use him as a bulk guy. Try to get him 125 innings or so. Their bullpen only has Rogers as a standout, but they do have a ton of guys that should be league average or better. 14 guys that Zips has projected with a ERA+ better than 100. It may not be a conventional pitching staff, but similar to the Rays I think they'll be able to put together a pretty good pitching staff.
  13. I think Tucker could be a bargain. Springer is usually good for a DL trip or 2. Reddick and Brantley usually miss 15-20 games a piece. Gurriel is getting up there in age. I can see a few ways Tucker gets playing time.
  14. Early reports are saying the Reds are shopping Senzel around the league.
  15. Reds sign Castellanos. Seems like a strange fit, I wonder how they find playing time for everyone.
  16. Jon Heyman @JonHeyman Hearing Starling Marte talks are intensifying. Mets, Padres. Still a chance something gets done before spring training.
  17. Is this for the 2020 season only? If that's the case then I'd go Urias and Grisham..
  18. Haniger can't catch a break..needed core muscle surgery..hopefully ready for opening day. I was liking him as a sleeper this year, but think I will avoid him now.
  19. Don't have to keep everyone..but everyone I have has a price on (Steamer, Rotowire, Mastersball, etc) that is at least a couple dollars higher than the salary I could keep them at. Yes, a couple are only a few dollars (someone at a keep of $1 but projected price of $5-6)...but with inflation their prices in auction would be at minimum $4-5 more to get back.
  20. Opinion on this decision.interesting topic. Do you keep your best "value" players even though it would limit your draft/auction options. Would you keep a lesser "value" player if it gives you more options on draft day? Example...We can keep up to 11 players in a keeper league where we start 14 hitters and 9 pitchers...My best value players if I go by kept salary versus prices published so far (Mastersball, Rotowire, etc.) Would be to keep 9 pitchers and 2 hitters. This would mean during the auction I couldn't bid on any pitchers or nominate any pitchers. Or would you keep a couple pitchers spots open just to be able to bid on or throw out pitchers in the draft. Keeping a couple pitchers spots open would mean keeping some players who according to prices published at this time wouldn't have as much profit. Ideally I would make a trade but the league is pretty tough to make trades in the pre-season.
  21. After 2 times it's 15 yards and then I think the clock stops too
  22. Now take a false start, burn another 40 seconds
  23. Think he's down short of the TD, doesn't matter but he's short