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  1. The Chiefs fan in Florio's league did that because Mahomes got drafted in the very first 4 picks.
  2. Minshew will hold down the job this season, but in 2021 he will lose it to Trevor Lawrence.
  3. He's crying about getting new contract and if he don't get it from SF, Kittle might then ask for a trade.
  4. If you own Chubb? Keep him, move someone else for the rookie what does ya team look like?
  5. Keep Bold new city of the south on you're team
  6. Keep a member of the cheaters and just drop citi field for more offense.
  7. Could turn into a good WR3 behind Adams & Lazard.
  8. Wow never knew he was still an active NFL QB
  9. Keep the buckeye state counter, and move tribal dance for maple leaf straight up in a new deal.
  10. Gesicki side & it's not even close!!