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  1. Dropping his teammate Peralta for him due to his role and production as AZ’s clean up hitter. Also, his position eligibility is a nice bonus.
  2. Sassy Sosa was also on that juice!
  3. It was said that Vlad would be called up in the second half but all this hype has me thinking it will be sooner. Does anyone think he’ll be called up before the Allstar break?
  4. He’s producing more than I expected... I specifically targeted him because he batted .358 in the second half of last year. Keep going Whit!
  5. Ofcourse the news of his possible return date comes right after I Dropped him. FML!
  6. Buy low in hopes he rebounds for the second half! #Hope
  7. Domingo is only good on Sundays ?
  8. Seems like he’s one of them players that’s always hurt and the fact that he’s almost 30 scares me. Leaning towards dropping him for a hot bat.
  9. I can only hold on to him for so long. Poor guy just needs some consistent at bats.
  10. Domingo pitching on Domingo (Sunday).... BINGO!
  11. All this articles are making me want to pick him up. Should he be lingering in the waiver wire?
  12. Price sucks... I hate the preseasons hype on how he was supposed to have a bounce back year.