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  1. Desperately hoping for a trade that frees him up.
  2. His FT pct in college was 70pct. I think he is just taking some time evolving into an NBA player. October FG 26%/FT 20% November FG 37%/FT 45% December FG 45.5%/FT 50% He's gotten better every month. 50pct FT is still an abomination, don't get me wrong, but he is trending in the right direction in just about every statistical category and the Twolves, despite Teague returning, are sticking with Culver in the starting lineup.
  3. On average, NBA players miss roughly 3-4 weeks with contusions. They need the black and blue mark to be completely gone before returning to the court.
  4. He's a productive fantasy player when he shoots 9-9 from the field.
  5. Yeah, he was fine yesterday. The Anderson drop in the EZ definitely set a bad tone. There were a couple of other drive killing drops and a few untimely holding penalties.
  6. I'm actually happy. Don't have to speculate whether he will be full go or just a decoy that gets lightly used again.
  7. After surviving the Hilton debacle last week I am definitely pivoting off of Thielen this week. Just not worth the risk even if he starts.
  8. Last 3 weeks average PPG for QBs (per my league's scoring): 1- Lamar Jackson 36.2 2- Josh Allen 28.78 3- Ryan Tannehill 28.68 4- Sam Darnold 28.23 Guys looking up at Darnold: Brees/Rodgers/Wilson/Mahomes Will that continue? Who knows. But those LOLing at Darnold because of an out of context ghost comment look pretty stupid now.
  9. Dalton is like Ryan Tannehill. He's not good, but he is still better than some of the trash these teams are forced to start because they were drafted top 10 (Mariota/Trubisky). Heck, I bet Dalton would thrive with the Rams.
  10. You're in a fantasy football thread. Go discuss his real life abilities in a Buccaneers fan forum.
  11. The problem is that even if he survives this week (rumors he may get cut), there is a good chance the Panthers would be more inclined to go for a 4th and 2 at the 34 versus trying a long kick with a kicker they don't trust.
  12. My name's not Shirley, and I think it would be easier for him to run routes as opposed to trying to stop a 300 pound freak of nature from getting to the QB. I would guess for most people the decision will be between Kittle and Vance McDonald, Noah Fant types.Not an easy choice.
  13. The Niners are 9-1 and have no reason to rush Kittle back while the Colts are fighting for a playoff spot. Kittle is their best offensive player. Why run him out there and risk injury to just be a decoy in a game? It's also tough for a Tight End to be a decoy. He can't be a blocking "decoy." It's definitely a risky start because he could have limited snaps and could re-injury but I am not sure it is the same as Hilton.
  14. In my competitive money leagues the same good owners seem to be getting the same amount of "luck" today as they did 10 years ago. When injuries go up they generally go up across the board and the better owners are better at working the waiver wire/their benches and winning despite the injuries. It's the trash owners that seem to suffer the most from injuries. So I don't think luck has any more of a role in deciding winners as it did 10-20 years ago.
  15. This is what happens when a 28 year old NBA player is asked to play 34 minutes one night and then play another game 48 hours later.