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  1. Thanks for the insight. My league mates value QB like crazy and always want to start 2 so I'm projecting them to go higher than normal which will devalue other positions.
  2. My main home league (superflex - no keepers) has finally decided to move to auction this year. What are some auction suggestions for two qb leagues? How much do the top & middle tier qb's go for? Does it lower the value of all other positions? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Starting offensive positions posted below (we also do IDP but just wondering about offense for now😞 QB RB RB/WR WR WR WR TE OP
  3. I know, I’m a gd sucker lol. This site has helped me so much and I’ve always liked their stuff plus it was cheap so I didn’t care too much. These rankings and projections are hot garbage this year. It’s crazy...
  4. I've been purchasing the draft guide for many years but this year I've had a horrible experience. In past years, it seems they updated your rankings very frequently. This year - it seems the players have been ranked and haven't moved in weeks. This is pretty concerning. There seems to no new content as it's all in July or early August and obviously a lot of stuff has transpired since then. This is also concerning since most drafts will take place in the next few weeks. Apart from losing all of my custom scoring which I understand because of the new layout/format; now you cannot see projections for ALL positions. People in 2 QB leagues like myself like to have this feature. This new update looks good but the content and rankings/projections is incredibly disappointing. There are probably other areas that I'm missing or other people have complained about. Unless they make some changes, they've lost a long time customer and promoter of the RW draft guide/season pass. What a shame.
  5. Another thing that sucks is that you can't sort projections for ALL players. Us in 2 QB leagues like to see overall projections with qbs included. I doubt I'll ever purchase this draft guide again.
  6. Yeah I use a bunch of different sites, but have always liked rotoworld's rankings. It just seems they threw out rankings/projections weeks ago and haven't touched the draft guide since. Pretty bummed.
  7. In previous years, their rankings continuously updated every day or a few times a week. The rankings have not changed for weeks. Anyone having this same issue? Seems like this year they've dropped the ball on their draft guide.
  8. Does anyone know if he will get 2B eligibility next year because of shifts? Same way Rizzo had it last year.
  9. What is everyone doing with this guy? Starting to get a little worried.
  10. Bumping this thread...would love to get more sleeper info