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  1. I’m up 18 points vs the same 2 guys lol...I’m in a non PPR league and I am already looking at next year hahaha
  2. H2H standard non PPR...I need Wentz to get me 18 points. My opponent is finished.
  3. Benched Melvin Gordon and Derrick Henry this week for Singletary and awesome am I!!!!!
  4. Hard to say something when the beast feasted today...
  5. I need 6.3 points in my standard league to win. I have opponent is done for the week.
  6. I have Kittle and Waller and I am playing both!
  7. I am, and even though I love the guy, I’m a bit nervous.
  8. Tellez corresponding move it time?
  9. He is having himself a heck of a day today! I hope TOR is watching...
  10. I think he has 2 minor league options left...
  11. Mickey Mantle was disaster when he first came up. So bad that he thought about quitting baseball. We all know how that turned out...