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  1. Doesnt seem Lattimore is scaring anyone off AJ
  2. ayone else? it's pretty unanimous. Nobody concerned about NO def?
  3. PPR League---pick 1 With Henry now questionable who do you start.... Henry Mack AJ Brown Thanks
  4. Anyone else. Need to make this decision now. Thanks
  5. QB start help in a pt per completion/incompletion.. Wilson or Tanny? Who ya got?
  6. I say grab Mattison first and play him over Mixon if Cook is out. Then Alshon
  7. PPR League Need to pick a flex play between Chark, Hunt or Montgomery Who ya got? Thanks
  8. PPR League-- Would you start Ekeler or McCoy today? Thanks
  9. PPR League....... Hollister or Doyle this week and ROS? Also, would you drop Scarborough to pick up Doyle? Thanks
  10. I wouldnt drop SF. I have a Gus Edwards I would drop. Just debating playing Atl over SF this week.
  11. I have the 9ers defense but Atl is avail against the TB and Winston. Should I grab Atl and play them this week? Who ya got?