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  1. Thanks for the response. Sorry, I didn't update my roster but i no longer have Fournette. So Freeman is my #4 emergency RB. So I'm thinking am I better off dropping him for Landry or Perine. Cle will get Chubb back soon so Hunt will take a hit leaving me thin at RB. Just looking for some upside and possible trade chip
  2. I'd try to capitalize on Jefferson and trade him for an upgrade at RB. Package him with DJ possibly
  3. PPR League Drop Freeman and Pick up Perine? Thoughts?
  4. Anyone else? My team..... Golladay, Woods, McLaurin, Cooper Kamara, Hunt, Jacobs, Freeman
  5. PPR League - Team 1 in sig Drop Devonta Freeman and pick up Jarvis Landry? Thoughts?
  6. you would spend the #2 waiver on Aiyuk and play him over some of my wrs?
  7. Aiyuk and Coleman are both available. Are they worth the #2 waiver? Would they start over any of my other WRs? (Golladay, McLaurin, Cooper, Woods)
  8. PPR League - Team 1 in sig.... Do I use my #2 waiver priority on any of these players or hold for something down the road. Landry AJ Green Hyde There are a few others but not sure any of them are worth my #2 waiver priority. They may not start for me. I can see who is left as FA and pick someone up. I would drop a defense or Freeman? Thoughts?
  9. PPR League - Team 1 in sig Am discussing a trade of my Hunt/Jonnu for his Gurley/Waller I have Kamara, Jacobs, Hunt, Freeman as RBs Jonnu and Engram are my TE's Which side are you on?
  10. Which guy do you have in PPR ROS...... Hockenson or Engram? Thanks