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  1. No Evans and Godwin went down last week and Winston still blew up. Neither team plays pass defense. Both teams will throw (Tampa run D is good, Tampa run O is non-existent). This might be a 50 attempt game for Winston with Arians calling the plays, so with the ball (hopefully) hitting receivers in the hands that many times they are bound to catch some lol
  2. Do you want to gamble and go big, or play it safe? If you're gonna gamble go Perriman and Brown. If you're gonna go safe play Allen and Mostert. Kinda depends on what you project your opponents scoring to look like. If you have to have big games to win then roll the dice.
  3. Game is in Tampa. Weather shouldn't be too much of an issue in either outdoor game, maybe some rain. Brees just does not have a good track record playing outside a dome. Tampa is gonna throw the ball around the yard in what projects to be a shootout. I think on passing volume alone Winston might be the choice.
  4. I really wanna start Winston, prove me wrong lol