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  1. There was something about this whole offense that looked like it suddenly didn't believe in itself. Afraid to lose and afraid to let it really fly. Bummed they got stopped like that. 2nd round for FF? Seems about right. Probably a mistake to buy. Depending on who is available, it could be hard to lay off.
  2. I go back to court to see if the judge will let me remove the ankle bracelet.
  3. Lamar Jackson Playoffs Saquon Chris Godwin Devante Parker Trading Aaron Jones My opponent benching Aaron Jones for Mike Boone in the ‘ship.
  4. Other people’s misery is so awesome in ff! almost better than winning itself!
  5. My league winners other than Lamar, Saquon, and Davante Parker, was my opponent’s decision to bench Aaron Jones for Mike Fing Boone
  6. I don’t suppose espn will give Adams negative yards when he gets negative yards either prolly the same dumbf*** in charge who butt-added 2 TDs to the colts DST yesterday
  7. Not kidding why the f isn’t Adams being charged w a fumble and who do I threaten to make this right?
  8. Hi I’m Mr. Hindsight. And I’m here to mock you for not having a crystal ball. LOLsies!!!
  9. ESPN hasn’t charged the FUM to Adams yet. What the FUM?
  10. He did have a TD in their first matchup on 1 rec
  11. I could not stomach sitting Jones and watching Boone crater. Other way around, at least you die with your boots on.
  12. Hard to argue with taking a knee and sitting him as long as it’ within the rules and you don’t mind taking heat and getting baited by jealous pricks.
  13. I have a 7 point lead. Opponent has Aaron Jones. Leave a link w yours!