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  1. With Rivers’ track record of targeting TEs as well as his crumbling old body’s shot put throwing technique, Doyle in short range for decent volume and a few TDs? He’s the sneakiest.
  2. Most offensive linemen are fat white guys, and most of them have pickups and like to kill animals. Brees will be more than fine as a fantasy and NFL performer. And the receivers and RBs and defense has too much to lose if they sandbag him. But he’s unfortunately tarnished his reputation as a human being, in the eyes of many. To others, he’s probably the exact voice they desire. You want controversy? Look no further than that SF Bosa moron’s ramblings. We’re all stuck with each other, see?
  3. They really tried with Jahvid Best and Mikel LeShoure but one’s skull exploded and the other’s Achilles exploded.
  4. More than fair for redraft. As for keeper/dynasty, I believe that Kerryon is 1-2 more leg injuries from becoming a career backup, or just flaming out of the league.
  5. Think we can count on at least 4-6 weeks of Ingram holding onto maybe 60-70% of the committee?
  6. I can’t remember which pundit has been saying this all offseason but according to him, Goff’s (special)need(s) for a clean pocket led to a lot of 12 personnel, which in turn led to: 1. Higbee production up 2. Woods production up 3. Kupp production fall off Seems like there are reasons to believe this could continue since the Rams didn’t do anything to improve their OLine. Without a clean pocket Goff is a cross between Mark Sanchez and Brandon Weeden
  7. Seems to get zero respect in drafts. Is positive TD regression possible or is he just not looked at in the red zone by scheme?
  8. I can’t believe the value I’m seeing in rankings and drafts. The guy was among the most consistent WRs in 2019 with plenty of upside, plenty of targets, and had his way with Gilmore. Fitz or Tua...Preston back?... Does it really matter? That big of a sample size tells me it wasn’t a fluke it was a man finally coming into his own.
  9. Plenty but I don’t think I need to reach for them.
  10. Thanks! And yet...even though that's a nice # of receptions for any RB, it's HALF of what Ekeler got out of the corpse of Rivers. Ergo, if Ekeler gets 50ish, only a drastic increase in rushing yards will keep him in the RB1 conversation. I have a hard time seeing it happening.
  11. PPR Dynasty Start Up So at 1.2 I took Saquon At 2.11 I'm considering Aaron Jones Ekeler DeAndre Swift I am pretty set on taking an RB, and maybe even another one at 3.2, but available WRs that could convince me to change my mind are: Evans Julio Thanks! Leave a link!
  12. Is it totally out of the question that they would re-sign Jones?
  13. Where are you taking him in a dynasty start up? I think he overtakes Kerryon quickly...but then again, we all know Fat Patricia's tendencies to just rotate backs regardless of talent or productivity.
  14. This is the big question. Bigger than every other aspect discussed in the thread in my opinion. Are stats available to see which position a QB targets? There has to be...but I am not finding it... In the middle of a dynasty slow draft and would LOVE this information...! Or at least anecdotally, does anyone recall Tyrod's tendencies w/ throwing to RBs?