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  1. Worse than useless. So many memories of blow ups, and it’s not like he’s washed. Just washed out of the game plan enough to not be the target hog he needs to be to blow up. Benched until further notice.
  2. I’ll tell you all about it some day. I’d like to be left alone please
  3. Just did. F you in the ear hole Cowboys. You are too low to be trash
  4. Love how the only fans wearing masks are still doing it bare dick nose
  5. Yay my opponent has Drake and I have Murray and that sh.t was cruel lolololololol
  6. I need Kyler to go F-ing berserk and I need Josh Allen to shrink back into his babynuts
  7. Henderson gimpy. I wonder why after 18 consecutive touches?
  8. Mostert is toastert. I give it 15 months before he’s falling asleep drunk in the Whataburger drive thru.
  9. Jared Off How has it taken me so long to think of that?