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  1. 17 targets, 13 receptions, 213 yards, 4 TDs . - Floor
  2. Before the Bell/Davis owners come in here and spread fear, I want CMC owners to know that I am PRAYING that is an equitable split and that EVERYONE is allowed to score massive points and receive enough carries to win your league. In my heart, everyone is a winner and is super smart. My days of saying dumb dumb are over. You are all winners!!!!
  3. Mike Evans owner here, From the bottom of my heart, I hope little Antonio Brown finds a permanent home in Tampa. I am praying that Mike Evans shares his three targets and gives Antonio 2 of them so that he can feel welcome. I want to see ALL Antonio Brown owners happy at Mike Evan's expense. I wish this sincerely! You guys were SMART at beating most people to the punch.
  4. I would like to help bring Leveon and CEH owners together. I envision a scenario where Leveon Bell and CEH owners both enjoy high production and win their leagues handily. Doesn't that sound swell? Why fight over this sort of thing? You are all smart and wonderful team managers. You ALL made a good choice in selecting a RB. Feels good to say that! Hope EVERYONE wins next week! Yay!
  5. Sadly, that is the world we live in now. I am willing to bet he found those numbers on Facebook.
  6. I like having James Robinson on my team. He gives me a lot of points when other players I have don't.
  7. Do NOT trade or drop Mike Evans!!!! You heard it here first. Once Antonio Brown comes to town, he is going to FEAST!!!! Antonio Brown was NOT brought in because of Brady. He will draw a great deal of the attention away from BIG MIKE allowing him to return to elite status. Teams are going out of their way to double and blanket Evans. Brady is NOT forcing the issue. One AB comes in, teams will be forced to respect him. If you get off now, you will miss an EPIC run. Save this post. (October 25th, 2020 - right after a two catch 34 yard game where owners are leaping our of their virtual highrise windows)
  8. Full Leveon takeover. League Winner. Congrats fellas. CEH will be relegated to spelling duty.
  9. At least now I don't have to debate benching him
  10. He has a string of good matchups culminating with another date with Dallas
  11. You mean there are people who didn't abandon ship on CEH? I thought the sky was falling!
  12. Bruce Arians on AB “Be a team player, or be gone.” I assume that includes temper tantrums for all the targets. Not sure he will last very long. Yes, I own him. I’m worried.
  13. They brought AB in the same way they brought Gronk in. To give Brady more weapons and hide his age. Gronk is not the centerpiece of the offense and I doubt AB will be either. The long term prospects of the other two receivers ARE important to the chemistry of the team. Remember, Arians will "God willing" remain the coach long after Brady is gone and definitely after AB's 4 months are up. So, because a couple of "sharks" picked him up from waivers, we are going to make him (a guy who has had tons of locker room, off the field problems, and hasn't played football in a very long time) the top reciving option? I would LOVE to believe that. I really would, but I don't see it playing out that way.