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  1. My matchup won't allow for too many safe floors. Your matchup may be different.
  2. He got you to the dance. You have to let him on the floor, right? You always play your studs. I own him and will play him whether he gets me 2 or 20. Am I nervous? Damn skippy. But the matchup and upside are too great for this underdog to ignore. For what its worth Im rolling with Mahomes in Blizzardville and Thielen as well. So, yeah. Either going to be very good or very bad.
  3. This is unsettling. Jacobs owners fighting amongst themselves? LMAO. Channel that energy toward winning week 15! Jacobs will play and FEAST. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who thinks they saw Jacobs practice.
  4. Playing him. Fantasy football is not for the faint of heart. Few players with greater upside and I can't afford to play it safe in a must win situation. Week 16 is not promised.
  5. At this point, bitching and complaining about this guy is pointless. If you have him, you have to start him. It's week 15 for f---'s sake. Next year, just don't draft him.
  6. Final game EVER in Oakland. Place is going to be PUMPED. Jacobs is going to show out. I expect every player will get some run.
  7. Alshon is done for the rest of the season. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who watched the play. Alshon is the type of player who can't even play through hunger pains.
  8. You will get your 13. In fact, double that number.
  9. This sentiment is being echoed everywhere. With the Raiders now at 6-7 and their playoff hopes on life support, it would be prudent to shut Jacobs and down and make sure he is 100 percent heading into next season. I believe he already has rookie of the year secured.
  10. Raheem "Must-Start" Mostert could be the spark we need that sends us all to the championship promised land! Good luck all!
  11. I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about sitting him too. Might have to settle for Lamar Jackson, Brees, or Watson. Not sure which backup to use. Big decision!!!
  12. This is my thinking. Why would they shut him down yesterday if it wasnt a big deal and he has been playing with it since week 7? What made this week any different? With the playoffs on the line they benched their best player. Telling.