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  1. All the hype surrounding Pollard was media driven. If Ezekiel is healthy, it's his backfield. Not once did the organization subscribe to the nonsense being promoted by the fantasy geeks.
  2. Not sure why you would start Haskins knowing the playoffs were on the line. Im putting Alex Smith out there in a wheel chair.
  3. Things I heard this week... Don't trust Wilson, AZ defense is the best in the NFL Don't trust Gio, last week was a fluke and HOU is playing strong defense against the run Don't play Gibson, he will be a decoy. No way is he ready to ball out. Don't play Kittle, he can't possbily be ready for what AZ is going to bring. I did the opposite of what the Chicken Littles suggested.
  4. To top it off, they don't play the guessing game with his playing status either. Thanks Robinson.
  5. Heeeeyyyy, I thought this guy was left for dead once Antonio Brown arrived! Did I miss something?
  6. You would be better served listening to a guy who has a friend who knows a guy....
  7. At this point, you have to play him. I have followed the rankings all season long and they have NEVER been accurate. Each and every week I follow multiple sources for ranking confirmation and each week, a jumbled mess. This is the week owners start worrying about everything from deodorant to player breakfast choices. Try not to get caught up in your own heads. Good luck gentlemen.
  8. Don't forget Kittle will be back. Those starting Wilson likely don't have better options so we don't care how "toughish" Arizona's defense is. We have on our hands a running back who will get a majority of the carries week 16. Good enough for me.
  9. Was one of the biggest AB love/haters in here. I think it's the Evans-AB Show from here on out. Brady knows who butters his bread. Godwins has been demoted.
  10. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/ron-rivera-hopeful-antonio-gibson-can-return-vs-panthers-week-16
  11. Wentz is trying to cry his way back into the starting position.
  12. Has had a relatively safe floor all season long. Imagine how nice he will look with a better defense and surrounding cast.
  13. Because some reporter with "a lot more to lose" than a guy who knows a guy, said to start him.
  14. Telling you now. Do NOT start him. If he plays, he will not play much. You are welcome. I say that with 100% confidence.
  15. Maybe he will play the same way CEH played the night I was eliminated from the playoffs week 13.
  16. The Art of Overthinking I'm also worried that he might decide to wear green Nikes instead of yellow. Yellow Nikes send off a subconscious message of slowing down. The defenders tend to slow their pursuit down. Green invites tacklers while red potentially forces them to charge. This COULD, and I mean 'could' cause a 17 percent drop in potential production. Im seriously thinking about benching him because he likely won't hit my desired line of 45/256/4 , 8/120/2 and get me to the next round of the playoffs. So I will hitch my wagon to Dobbins for better upside.
  17. Came here for my daily dose of why I should curve him this week. Any takers?
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