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  1. 1PPR 1 of the picks needs to at least be a WR. I've been leaning towards sitting Cooper and starting either Funchess or Fuller. My team is 1-3, lost David Johnson first week and lost 3 straight weeks after that. Cooper Miller Mixon Fuller Funchess My team qb/rb/rb/wr/wr/wr or te/flex Stafford David/Miller/Mixon/White/Smallwood/Duke Cooper/Tate/Tyreek/Funchess/Fuller Reed Any roster help would be appreciated as well.
  2. I have an offer on the table that would send my Zeke/Keenan for his Mike Evans That would leave me with Miller/Tevin as my RB's and give me a WR core of Evans/Cooper/Hopkins/Hilton/Tyreek Worth it? I could look to package a WR and 2 2018 firsts for a RB