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  1. Does the signing of Garcia potentially impact his PT? I can't imagine that being the case since Garcia is not a good fielder, and he seems like a barely serviceable DH. Meadows has major sleeper potential if hes given the PT.
  2. I'm conflicted on holding him. Just the thought of wasting a roster spot on an injured kicker for 4+ weeks seems crazy to me. But then on the other hand if you average out his PPG last year based on his 14 games played hes basically a low end RB2. I wouldn't mind wasting a roster spot for a RB2 at all. Holding him, not rostering another kicker, and taking a 0 at the K spot is crazy to me though.
  3. And the White Sox won’t send him down. I guess watching him get embarrassed at the major league level is good for the team record and his personal confidence.
  4. He probably posed at the "Dr." in the DR who gave Cano the drugs.
  5. This OF is killing me. First I think Margot is going to break out, then Cordero comes along and can be a huge fantasy asset this year, and now Reyes comes up and is a MVP Front Runner.
  6. "Joey Votto placed on the 10-Day DL- Earthquake."
  7. I agree here. Pollock has those 3 factors you mentioned ( I thought Harper could have the same factors as well earlier in his career). Even though this injury was so unpredictable and random, he is just very susceptible to injuries. Still hoping he will get back soon, but I think it will at least be a 10 day DL stint. Hopefully nothing too much longer.
  8. Well, now he will be placed on the DL within the hour.
  9. I honestly can't believe the performance from him. I've had him for 3 years now in a dynasty and was always a fan of his game, but this is really something else.
  10. I agree. If he crashes then no one really spent more than a waiver pick on him. I wouldnt be surprised if he goes back to his career averages later in the year, but hes a quality player right now.
  11. This. He has been a great player when healthy. I think he is just finally expanding on his 2015 season this year.
  12. or maybe he just needs to go to the Astros where they do something "special" to help their pitchers succeed. All jokes aside, I agree a change of scenery is probably best at this point. The raw stuff is there, but I don't think he is going to put it all together in Pitt.
  13. It was on a Rotoworld blurb a little over an hour ago sourcing the OC Register
  14. Maybe we trade didi and move Torres to short? Or just DFA Didi and let the historically elite Drury take his roster spot.
  15. I think he is an easy hold. It was not a good start, but I don't think giving up homers like this will be a trend. No one drafted him to be a SP 1 or SP 2, and I think there will be games going forward where he gives up the same amount of ER. Overall, I think he is still going to be a very solid SP option that we all got for cheap.