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  1. Those are almost all career highs for Sano. But if you think he is going to hit those numbers, anybody who gets him at his ADP is going to be very happy.
  2. I think it would be better if they kept negotiations private and stopped leaking every detail to reporters. To much emotion involved with every new tweet. Just tell us when there is an agreement.
  3. Hard to play the long game in a short season. Cespedes probably stays healthier staying off the field. The DH is perfect for him at this stage. Alonso's glove was pretty good last year and much better than advertised. He worked hard to improve his defense before the season began. Dom Smith needs somebody to get injured to get regular AB's.
  4. I would think Cespedes will get the bulk of any DH at bats. Dominic Smith probably gets some of the DH work and some platoon work in LF with JD Davis.
  5. Super spreaders..... If we can figure out how to identify that 9% group, we could make some serious progress in stopping the spread.
  6. Lots of posturing during negotiations. Owners use reporters to say they are close to an agreement which is obviously not true to try and turn fans on players when they reject first offer. Players say things in return. Testing is going to be the key for the players and making sure there is a high level of safety for everybody. I'm sure Blake Snell isn't the only player that has concerns about returning. But which big name players that have made lots of money actually stay home this season.
  7. I'm a commish in a money league and I posted if we play at least 80 games, payouts as normal. Anything less, we should cancel season and roll the money over and start fresh next year. My fear is there could be a stoppage at some point after the regular season begins and MLB concentrates on a larger playoff format upon restart.
  8. Puig has some fantasy value. In fantasy, players that contribute in HR's and SB's always warrant attention, for me. The Miami lineup and park hurts the most, if they play games there, and probably makes him nothing more than a late round flier. But another team and Arizona baseball could make him more interesting.
  9. "Currently a free league looking to transition into a buy in league with prize money"


    Curious, what type of buy in money are you looking to transition to.  That last team available is going to need a few years to even think about competing.  I would take it over if it was free besides the fantrax fee.  Paying money to try and rebuild over a few years isn't very appealing.



  10. Jose Peraza was terrible last year. No power, speed or batting average help in 400 PA's in a good home ballpark. Can he rebound a bit, maybe. But in a platoon situation at best, he doesn't appear to be worth it. He seems like a breathing body until Jeter Downs is ready and gets called up.
  11. I don't think you can speak for the vast majority of people. The vast majority of people on this thread can't agree on basic stuff. A vaccine is the only thing that will ensure the safety of the majority and that is going to take some time to develop.
  12. More importantly, what if some star players decide to sit it out until there is a vaccine and they deem it safe to return.
  13. The Mets announced the surgery would be done at the Hospital for Special Surgery in West Palm Beach, Fla.
  14. How many players are hitting .330 every year ? Pete should be able to hit in the .260 range which won’t hurt for a guy banging 40 bombs every year.
  15. A Bronx Tale had a good baseball bat scene as well. Now yous can't leave. binge watching Narcos right now, really good.