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  1. A lot of people love a good conspiracy theory without any real evidence.
  2. Belichick coached exactly zero games for the Jets before going on to a Hall of Fame career. A little cheating now and then didn't hurt him much along the way.
  3. JD Davis ended the year platooning with Dom Smith in LF. Since Dom is still on the team and Cespedes is also back, playing time will be a bit of a concern right now. Jeff McNeil goes to 3B for Todd Frazier. Not sure what happens to Jed Lowrie. Maybe the Mets trade somebody during spring training.
  4. Maybe the whole league should be allowed to auto-draft. There shouldn't be any complaints this late in the season anyway if the draft was in August.
  5. Cespedes and the Mets recently agreed to restructure his contract downward by quite a lot of money due to his accident on his ranch last year. Reportedly the Mets stopped paying him after the accident. MLBPA filed a grievance and agreed to the reduction rather than risk a precedent setting contract avoidance which was a real possibility due to the unconfirmed details of what really happened that day. This makes Cespedes getting traded to the AL where the DH should allow his legs a better chance for more AB's this year likely. Needs to stay healthy during spring training when I think it could get done. The Mets have a surplus of OF'ers at the moment and of course no DH spot. If traded, a motivated Cespedes should make him a nice value later in drafts.
  6. Hunter was a pleasant surprise last year. A steady Eddie versatile type who kept hitting and I was able to plug into multiple spots. He went at #191 in this forums mock draft. I can see him producing at least similar numbers to last year making him a bit undervalued currently.
  7. Julio Jones constantly draws double team coverage making it easier for his teammates to make plays. Last year he had over 1600 yards receiving and 8 TD's. His numbers are down for sure this year but he's still pretty damn good outside of fantasy football leagues which make it seem like he's some sort of bust.
  8. He is exactly what the Yanks need with their lineup and bullpen. Paired with a healthy Severino makes them the easy favorites next year and beyond. Paying the luxury tax really means nothing to the Yanks other than they would prefer not to have to pay it. And the Tanaka and Ellsbury contracts expire after this season. Seems like a no brainer for them.
  9. I'm seeing light rain and windy for the game in Philly.
  10. Jared Cook has been good of late. Tough matchup against SF today. I have to look at the dumpster wire for a streamer.
  11. Agree. Dalvin touches the ball so much when he is in the game I'm thinking his odds of getting a TD are still high. Tough call though.
  12. If feels like the worst thing for Cook owners is he is active on Sunday and used lightly if the VIkes go up early. But even in a half of a game, Dalvin can score a TD and catch a bunch of passes. It's going to be a game time decision for me whether to go with Cook or Matthison if Dalvin is active.
  13. Hopefully they straighten out their bullpen this off-season. The Wilpons will remain in control for the next 5 years. That's 5 very long seasons before the new guy can straighten things out. A rich Wall Street guy sounds like a gigantic upgrade eventually. The fanbase deserves good owner.
  14. AJ Green is a low risk stash if you have a spot. If healthy, I would be tempted to use him instead of Kenny Golladay right now.