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  1. This is for the team in the signature. It's a Dynasty/Auction format, $210. Proposed trade is this (showing next year's keeper values) Give: Dak Prescott ($20), Dalvin Cook ($8) Get: Antonio Brown ($72), Rob Kelley ($20) Here's the trouble: I will be keeping Luck ($30) and Wentz ($16), and could always get a third QB in the auction. The problem is I don't think my team is good enough to win it all (there's a team in our league that has Brady/Rodgers as his QBs and Elliott/Freeman/Hunt as his RBs), and I probably wouldn't keep Kelley. I definitely can't keep Brown. The other thing is I need RB help badly after losing Dalvin for the season, and if I'm gonna move Prescott I'd like to get a RB keeper from it. Kelley won't cut it for me IMO. Essentially I'm giving two huge parts of my future for a chance to win it all, but my team is just not good otherwise. Hard to justify in keeper format. All help appreciated, and leave a link so I can return the favor!
  2. Yeah kick Patterson to the curb. The word "upside" applied to that guy in 2015.
  3. Hey all, this is for the team in my signature. I won't be keeping basically half the players on my roster (too expensive next year), so the only numbers that really matter are the QB ones. $210 budget dynasty format. Keeper values: Luck $30, Tyrod $25, Dak $20, Wentz $11. Needless to say, if Luck finishes the season healthy I'm keeping him. Given that we can start two QBs each week, Aaron Rodgers went for $57! If Wentz is even half as good as I think he's going to be, I'm keeping him too. Tyrod's gone at $25. I'd like to have a backup plan that doesn't include starting Tyrod every week, but I'm not sure if Dak is worth the price (I would keep him btw). Deal is: Give: Davante Adams ($15 keeper), Delanie Walker ($12 keeper) Get: Dak Prescott ($20 keeper) I'd use the empty spot to pick up either Austin Hooper or Samaje Perine (again given the dynasty format). Help please! Thanks!