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  1. I'd go Oberg over Treinen. Even if Treinen regains form he'd need Jansen to fail miserably. Oberg's path is much easier.
  2. You take whoevers left from Acuna/Trout. Don't overthink it.
  3. I'd make that move. Paddack may produce as well (or even outproduce) Nola and Glasnow can be a stud if he stays healthy. Oh and you get the best player in all of fantasy. Help w/ mine?
  4. I would make that move. Help with mine?
  5. I'd grab Segura and slide Torres to your 2B slot. Help w/ mine?
  6. Traditional stats dynasty league offer I got: I get - Soto, Suarez, S. Castro I give - Springer, K. Bryant, Biggio WHIR
  7. Love this kid, but the fact that 62 IP (at the MLB level) is the most he's ever reached so far in his career is a bit concerning. EDIT - I forgot the year he got traded, so he's eclipsed 100 IP once.
  8. I agree with you on that. I remember Hanley Ramirez having relatively pedestrian power numbers until he arrived in the big leagues. I just prefer the others at this moment in time because it looks like their bats have taken the next steps to being productive MLB players.
  9. Yeah, Hayes isn't someone I'm actively trying to acquire. Nothing I see in the stats grabs my attention. I'd rather take a flier on Gorman, Jones or Bohm. Groshans as well, but with Vlad Jr. at 3B I'm not sure where that bat ends up on the field.
  10. When evaluating Adell, is there a MLB comp that you're expecting if everything goes right? Seems like he has great power and decent speed but also K's quite a bit. If everything goes right would he become more like a poor man's Bellinger?
  11. Mark McGwire. When I was a kid I played 1st base just like him. He was a monster power hitter with gold glove potential and seemed to be an all-around good person as well. I always tried to get #25 so I could be just like him. I was a teenager during the home run chase of 1998 and that was one of the most exciting times to me. I actually turned down sexual contact with my g/f at the time so I could listen to press conferences during his historic chase with Sammy Sosa. I was that enamored by the whole thing. Obviously, I was a bit heartbroken when the steroid scandal blew up as he was my idol. The one saving grace I can carry is that he was a monster power HR hitter even before he was on the juice. Dude set the rookie AL home run record when he was a stick.
  12. I'd go Albies. I think he has room to grow so even though his OBP is not the top of the group I think it gets better and his other stats are worth gold at 2B.
  13. I'm on the buck train.
  14. I'd go Cruz, Olson/Goldy (I think they're going to be very close to the same), Rosario.
  15. I might be in the minority, but I'd probably lean on Alonso and Ketel Marte for those spots. I think you could easily land Bieber (or better) with your #4 pick. Alonso would give you a ton of pop and Ketel is 30 HR/10 SB gold with 3 different positions eligible.