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  1. considering starting over OBJ...call me crazy.
  2. I need Ekeler and Badgley to get me 16 points in half ppr. I think I should be ok... 🤞
  3. if you're must win this week, probably hill. if longer term, probably white. thanks for your help on mine.
  4. Was hoping to do it tonight before the game starts. I don't have anyone else I can drop until waivers.
  5. I read that Houston's run schedule coming up is more favorable to Duke than it is to Hyde - as of now I'm starting Ekeler and likely Guice next week. Would you drop SF defense to grab Duke (I have Pittsburgh as well). I hate leaving SF out there for one of my leaguemates, but what do you guys think?
  6. I feel like @ GB, Packers should roll and Panthers will have to keep up, which in theory should mean a lot of looks for both Moore and Samuel.
  7. It's going to be tight getting into the playoffs, our league is a cluster. I have Hunter Henry and Darren Waller as TE's and struggle picking one each week. I'm in a crunch with WR this week and need either a waiver grab or to trade. Would you deal Waller for JuJu even though he's likely up against Ramsey this week?
  8. Would I be better off offering up Waller? I have both Henry and Waller.
  9. Can I get either of the following from a Greg Olsen owner... Give Royce Freeman and Hunter Henry for Tevin Coleman or Give Terry McLaurin and Hunter Henry for Amari Cooper
  10. Would you deal Hunter Henry + Curtis Samuel in a half point ppr league for Calvin Ridley? WRs currently are Hopkins/OBJ/McLaurin/Samuel and I also have Waller as my TE.