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  1. Tampa Bay is still currently available. Still interested?
  2. Currently in need of 4 owners going in to the second off-season of my 24 team NFL Money league, Two Minute Warning. Entry fee is $35 but we pay 2 years in advance so $70 is required when joining and then each additional season, you just pay the regular $35 to go to the following seasons' fee. This is a dynasty league using salaries and IDPs League boards: League rules: The current 4 openings are: Orlando Predators ($70 for this year and next)- (has the 4th pick in every round of rookie draft) New Orleans Nightmares (2020 covered, just have to pay $35.00 for 2021)- (has 13th pick in every round of rookie draft) Tampa Bay Bucs (2020 covered, just owe $35.00 for 2021)- (Has 3rd and 8th pick in 1st round, then 3rd in every round, and also owns 23rd pick in round 3 and 5) Toronto Argonauts (2020 covered, just owe $35.00 for 2021)- (has the 12th pick in every round. Also has the 23rd pick in round 2, 3, 4, and 6) If interested, email me at
  3. Just got one of the guys from mine last year to join and he's paid. All set once your friend pays tomorrow.
  4. If all the spots get filled and paid tomorrow, then it should create a contest for week 1. At least that's the way it did last year. I ran a $50 one last year and we literally got the 20th person paid on Sunday week 1 kickoff (think it was early Sunday when the last one finally paid) and it let us make the lineup for week 1. Looks like there's one that's in that hasn't paid yet so if that person would pay, then it would just be the one spot.
  5. I joined. Had one for $50 that only 5 of 14 have paid (with 19 people in the league so a lot just sitting around not bothering to pay) for so glad to find another league that might actually run.
  6. League is 10 team H2H. PPR league. First season of league. Draft tonight at 7 PM EST.
  7. Up to 10 people now. Looking to get as close to 20 as possible.
  8. Referral&utm_medium=Web&utm_source=Friends Mode League&utm_content=Link $50 One time fee Top 3 total scores paid out after 18 contests (Fanduel creates a separate contest just for the 3 Thanksgiving game slate plus the regular Sun-Mon slate for each of the 17 weeks) Winner of each contest also gets paid out Payouts will vary on how many people we get (currently at 6 right now). A full 20 and the payouts are $225 for 1st, $135 for 2nd, and $90 for 3rd with $25 given to winner each week. All handled through fanduel Running championship league rather than regular friends mode league makes sure each contest runs for money.
  9. Referral&utm_medium=Web&utm_source=Friends Mode League&utm_content=Link Come join my season long fanduel friends championship league. one time $50 entry fee and the top 3 get paid out at the end of the 18 contests (regular 17 weeks then there's also a contest just for the 3 thanksgiving games). $225/$135/$90 is pay out for top 3 with 20 people in. There is also $25 paid out to top score in each contest. Currently have 3, trying to get to 20.
  10. I've only been able to get 3 people including me so far.
  11. Anyone interested in doing a NFL Friends Mode League on Fanduel this season? Would be looking to get a 20 person league with the top 3 for the entire season getting paid out.