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  1. Ibaka was actually pretty good at center for them. Im taking Ibaka all day if the the Raptors dont sign any other bigs.
  2. Ya i know. Surprisingly i still have a shot of winning my matchup tho despite a possible 0 from jefferson.
  3. welp this was a bad call by me...justin jefferson 0 while shenault killing it lol
  4. But theres 2-3 players ahead of him at WR and RB. How much touches will he even get? Thats the problem.
  5. Idk man, big risk starting this guy. I dont have much options at wr other than some rookies. Id rather start the rookies like Justin Jefferson or Pittman over this kid.
  6. Anyone think Amendola might be a decent play too?
  7. Was really hoping to get Jamal Murray around mid 4th round value next year. I dont think that will happen after what hes been doing this series.
  8. The players arent the threat at all, its the coach that is the threat. Bell had a career low in carries last year and Gase has always had a hard on for Gore. They have Gore, the 3rd rd rookie RB, and now Ballage. Plus add in the fact that Bell has been complaining about his practice snaps because hes splitting them with Gore, its just a really bad sign so far.
  9. Yea im done. I had some decent hopes for Bell this year to slightly improve on last season, but this offseason has not been looking good. He wont improve being stuck with a clueless coach.
  10. I just googled it and i see what youre talking about now. They could target Embiid for the 2nd pick, Wiggins, and next years Wolves top 3 protected pick. Or their other option would be to trade for a young player still on a rookie deal like John Collins to save money. Im not sure the Hawks give up Collins for the 2nd pick overall, but they can make the deal better of course. Trading the pick seems like the smart thing to do tho.
  11. Every draft is different with auctions. The most important thing is to pay attention to how the draft is going. If players are being overspent on slightly early in the draft, then there will be steals later. It would be best to not spend much in the beginning in those drafts. If players are going under their average prices early, then there wont be any steals late in the draft. Best bet is to spend early in those drafts. You should plan on building a team based on both scenarios and based on slightly above the average prices each player goes for. Always have a backup player that you like for each player that you might miss out on because you never know when some clown wants to overpay for a guy or if someone is just trying to bid you up. I personally will always pay for a great TE and build around that. Yes, if you pass on the top TEs early and draft a steal later, of course youll likely be a top 3 team. BUT if you don't get a steal at TE, you will basically be slightly above average the whole season, or desperately looking for trades for a TE. Id much rather have a balanced, strong starting team. I don't care about backups, QB's, kickers, or DEF, as long as I have the strong 6 first (WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, FLEX). I will spend every dollar for a strong 6. This is why i only do auction leagues too because I can build my team much easier this way.
  12. That would be a good move. They cant go wrong either way, but what veteran big will they even be able to get? I dont really see anyone that could possibly be available other than maybe Myles Turner since Sabonis is now the Pacers best center. A stretch big whos a dominant shot blocker would make them favorites to win imo.
  13. All i know is im fairly certain the Warriors take Wiseman 2nd overall. With Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Draymond, and Wiseman, they could easily be title contenders again.
  14. Man he really was killing it in the bubble. Coming from the injury and having Whiteside there didnt effect him at all. Does his 8 game performance up his stock to a 3rd round guy next season? He still has rest of playoffs too. Its gonna be interesting to see how he does against Davis and Howard. Im hoping for an upset.