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  1. Im tempted to trade for him while his values dropping, but Mahinmi being there is a bit annoying and worrying me somewhat.
  2. I really hope they swap Len for him then. Len the only center on Hawks thats somewhat productive. If hes gone then Dedmon should feast.
  3. Its almost like hes forgotten how to play basketball. How can be producing absolutely nothing for 2 games after being pretty solid for most of the season? smh its just so weird. At this point im just considering cutting this bum for Dedmon and hoping for a trade instead of letting OG waste space on my bench
  4. Reggie hasnt produced much for 5 straight seasons and now he has 2 solid pgs on his team so you know what youre getting. Id rather go with the up and comer in Garland.
  5. Dedmon for sure. The guys been dying for a trade since the beginning of the season. Kings dont want him either, altho they kind of need him right now with Holmes and Bagley hurt.
  6. OG is giving them nothing so its weird how he consistently gets more mins than Powell.
  7. I cut this clown last week after being dead last in fg%. Of course he tears it up when i cut him. Hasnt done anything remotely close to this when i had him, but the VERY FIRST WEEK hes not on my team he kills it. The hell with this clown.
  8. At the end of last season he said the coach told him he can get limited minutes or rest, but he said he didnt like sitting out games and chose to play. Now he refuses to play if anything feels sore (leg, now shoulder). SORENESS THOUGH. Not a really injury, he just felt sore instead. I feel pretty damn sore after a heavy mass lifting workout at the gym, but its soreness, it goes away. Plus dont all players feel sore at points throughout the season? Why in the world would this keep a professional athlete from playing? smfh
  9. He keeps this up and i might have to trade Lowry away for a big and just use Garland at pg.
  10. He went thru the pregame routine, so he seems to be feeling ok enough to play in the revenge game vs Jazz on Thursday.
  11. Finally some good news in fantasy land with Beal, Bryant, Siakam, Kyrie all returning today. Tomorrow theres a shot of Favors and Jrue returning too.
  12. Got to be the most disappointing player this season that was top 75 ranked. I have him on 1 team, but theres like no decent bigs on the wire that can get you 8 boards a game, coupled with the other stats he gives you so its like i feel like i have no choice but to hold. Seems like other people feel this way because he hasnt been dropped all season in any of my other money leagues.
  13. So these clowns said hes out indefinitely nearly the entire time he was out but hes only going to miss 12-14 games. Happy hes back but man, whats going on over there? Very odd to not just say hes out 4-6 weeks, or that he will be reevaluated in a month.
  14. NBA = No Balls Association. These p*****s cant play through a little leg soreness. I swear, a player trips over someones foot and the team will most likely recommend him to sit out the next 5 games. I had Vucevic, Collins, Favors, Lowry, Bledsoe all out at same time and now when i get all of them back this bum Beal doesnt want to suit up. You know whos been my most healthiest player on that team? TJ Warren. Thats right, the human walking injury himself, TJ F***ING WARREN. Well, him and Demar too. The NBA is a joke now. Im just drafting one team next season because keeping up with all these softies sitting out is becoming stressful, annoying, and unnecessary work.
  15. Him and Bledsoe have the same problem. The bucks keep blowing teams out badly, so the mins are inconsistent at times and their steals are fading as a result.