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  1. So basically Cam Akers and Clyde are gonna kill it this season.
  2. I feel like he got the best landing spot fantasy wise for a WR. Rivers loves targeting big guys, and Pittman def has size. Hilton is 30 years old and hasnt been great. I think Pittman steps in and becomes the go to guy for Rivers right out the gate. Anyone else feel the same?
  3. I mean their OL did improve a whole lot than last season (so much better) and it will be Darnold's third season. This could be the year he breaks out if he really is the real deal. Target share will def be there for Mims, but how much time is he gonna get to practice with Darnold during this pandemic? That's the real question.
  4. Isnt it obvious why im taking so long to respond? We're all in quarantine and people are hardly writing anything on these forums over this week. There's literally been 1 reply i believe to my comment which was you. Am i required to check every day to respond to your delusions? Sorry buddy, i'd rather pass my time watching Netflix than to check daily for your response. Heck, youre lucky i even decided to look this morning. As far as using google to support my arguments, bro it takes less than 60 secs to check stats to support my argument instead of ranting off the top off my head with inaccurate numbers. Im old enough to remember these teams, but using stats to support my arguments makes them better. As far as the Suns, even an injured KJ putting up 16 and 8 is far better than just a 3 pt specialist in Dan averaging about the same points. KJ played the entire finals and put up basically the same numbers. You cant sit here and tell me Dan was more important to that team. Also, what youre failing to understand about the Sonics is they had 2 guys flirting with 20 points a game nightly, plus also had two other 3pt shooters giving them 16 a game. They had a very balanced, really good offense that season. Guess how many teams in todays NBA (much faster paced, high scoring offenses) had at least 4 scorers putting up at least 16 a game this season? ONE. JUST ONE. As far as you saying Jameer in Orlando, the year they put out out Cleveland (it was actually 08-09, not 09-10), was better than Stockton in the finals, JAMEER DIDNT EVEN PLAY IN THE PLAYOFFS THAT YEAR. He hurt his shoulder mid season and was out for the year. Is your memory failing you? I didnt need google for that one. Dwights best options were Turk and Rashard. If your gonna sit there and tell me Turk and Rashard are better than Stockton and Hornacek based solely on their points per game, seriously, dont even bother replying. Clearly youve shown you like to lie and exaggerate for your argument (alotta these Lebron supporters seem to do that). You lied about Kemp averaging 20 by 2 points per game. Lets say i lied and said he averaged 22 (which he did in the finals). Makes my argument sound alot better now doesnt it? Heck let me lie and said he put up 24 and 11 in the finals, since lying about 2 pts means nothing to you. Another odd argument of yours seems to be that a player is better than another just if they average more points (Dan better than KJ, Jameer better than Stockton, Turk/Rashard better than Hornacek). That is one of the most ridiculous things ive ever heard in my life.
  5. Suns 2nd best player was without a doubt Kevin Johnson, get that straight. He had averaged a combined 20 pts and 11 asts for 3 straight season before that year they made the finals. I highly doubt you knew that. Don't disrespect that man like that. Dan the man was just a 3rd option, a pretty good 3rd option at that. Um Gary Payton averaged 19 and Kemp averaged 20. A simple google search would tell you that. Did you even look before saying that? You do realize Jordan is the same age as Malone and Stockton right? Also Jazz making the finals out of the west in that era 2 years in a row is nothing to just brush off. Anyway, the most important fact is that Jordan NEVER lost to these teams, while Lebron lost to a team that was arguably worse than any of those teams that MJ played. TWICE. Not just the finals where he completely disappeared against the Mavs, but he lost to an Orlando team in the ECF who only had 1 all star. Its amazing how you ignore the other stuff too. Lebron has had a tendency to disappear when his teams need him most, Jordan never disappeared, never shooting under 40% in any playoff series while Lebron has 5 times. Then also don't forget Lebron going 0-6 on game tying or winning shots in the Finals. So the only negatives you could think of is his finals competition? Kind of a weak argument there.
  6. I dont know why in the world would anyone have difficulty wondering whos the better defender. How is this even a question, just because Lebron can guard 5's in todays NBA? He damn sure wouldnt be able to guard the 5's of the 80s and 90s. As far as whos better, Lebron has WAYYY too many negative things on his resume to be put up against the Goat. Heres a few to come to mind... Lebron shot under 40% in 5 playoff series Outscored by a bench player '11 finals when he only averaged 17 ppg 1 title in 11 years with Cleveland Lost to a Magic team with only 1 all star in 09 Lost to Mavs team with only 1 all star in the Finals 0-6 game tying or winning shots in Finals Then of course his Finals record I actually took this from someone else and they listed alot more negative stuff, but I listed what i felt were the most important ones. You dont see these negatives on MJ's resume. Lebron has had a tendency to disappear when his team needs him most while MJ always rose to the occasion. MJ NEVER shot under 40% in ANY playoff series. NEVER was he outscored by a bench player, and he NEVER lost to teams with only 1 all star. The only negatives people list about MJ are things like he couldnt win without Pippen and lost in first round 3 times before he got there. Look at MJ's stats in those series!! Almost historical numbers. He always showed up and always shot over 40%. He never disappeared. Lebron has, so how is it even a comparison?
  7. Um, you called everyone a clown over adding players. Was i supposed to take it any other way? And congratulations for having the attention span to read 3-4 sentences, you should be proud i guess lol
  8. Oh i def can read, and this stuck out the most: Youre clearly talking to the people in this post, not the people in your league. That is of course unless the people in this post are in your league, then that would be another story. Clearly looks like youre getting mad at others being smart. I personally got beat out on those guys in my leagues, but im not mad at it. They hustled to it, i didnt. I only blame myself for being slower.
  9. I guess you like losing. In Pro leagues for Yahoo there is no commissioner that can lock down a league. If im paying money in a pro league, i want to WIN money, not lose. You keep your attitude and you'll lose money, plain and simple. Go ahead and have fun calling someone thirsty when hes taking home like $1000 while you're crying from your couch about him being thirsty,
  10. Isaac totally changes the fantasy landscape because he'll be back by then which would be total bs since he can singlehandedly win your season.
  11. Oh yea, that sentence drastically changes your post lol. It also drastically changes the whole fantasy season. What bs that would be.
  12. Hmm, im so confused by what youre saying. If the season reopens and their games played are maxed out, then they dont gain further stats while other teams can. How is that unfair? Why would Yahoo have to reduce the games played max? They wont need to if they pick up the season from where they left off at. I dont understand what youre trying to say here.
  13. God damn Gobert cost me some cash that i was looking forward to and worked hard for. I was dead last in all 3 of my roto money leagues around Christmas and i grinded hard streaming whoever i could due to all these injuries/suspensions, overcame all that bs and this clown had to ruin my sweet victory. Smh, i hope he pulls through, but at the same time hes a dumb ***.
  14. Im so lucky that in all 3 of my roto leagues the last place team has him on their roster, so even tho hes not on my squad hes not really effecting me lol. I had him on 2 rosters and i dropped him for Sekou tho. Def worst move of the year for me. If he keeps this up he might be a 3rd round pick next year.
  15. He's done. Best scenario he return for last 7-12 games of season which will be pointless.