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  1. Younghoe signed to the practice squad. Bet it's a Robert Kraft signing. He likes them Younghoe.
  2. Marcedes Lewis, GB TE for those needing a boom or bust TE (Graham not practicing)
  3. Hardman especially when Watkins pulls up lame
  4. hype, start, disappoint rinse and repeat
  5. starting a 2019 Le'Veon thread in 2018
  6. Where will he end up? https://247sports.com/nfl/pittsburgh-steelers/ContentGallery/LeVeon-Bell-2019-team-odds-119878300/#119878300_1
  7. possibly torn his Achilles during practice today
  8. Done deal. He's signing tomorrow
  9. good luck. either this will be the shortest thread of a player or the longest in a single night.