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  1. Thanks for responding to mine. from what I gather 20% looks fair given Gallman's skill and potential future signings by NYG. I would cut Williams. Maybe higher 20% if you don't want to miss out and have a sub .500 record and need to be aggressive. I think you'd rather have him as the Barkley owner so a few extra bucks to get him won't be too bad
  2. Yeah true, I'll lower the bid to low 20's. Someone grabbed Jones before Week 3 versus the Bucs unfortunately.
  3. So started 0-2 and made a frustration trade.. traded Evans for Juju straight up. Was bullish on Rudolph and thought Bucs offense was toast and Godwin was the #1. That turned out poorly. Anyway, moving forward. How can I improve this team????? WHIR leave links .5 PPR one flex QB Mayfield RB David Johnson RB Aaron Jones WR Juju WR Cooks TE Engram Flex Mark Andrews DEF BAL Kicker Zane Gonzalez BN: Dede Westbrook BN: Darwin Thompson BN Ty Montgomery BN Royce Freeman BN Mason Rudolph BN Seahawks (started them last week, picked up BAL cause someone tried to stream) My current moves, $100 waiver budget: $18 on Goff, drop Rudolph $5 on Ty Montgomery, drop Seahawks Was thinking of dropping $38 on Gallman........ I'm 0-3..... worth it or no? I was thinking he's a definite flex in the near future. Thoughts? Any other moves?
  4. EARTH TO TIM PATRICK I literally need 5 points for the title plzzzzz
  5. Hamilton and Patrick both need to eat against the awful Raiders defense. LETS GOOO
  6. Need a Monday night miracle from this man. 7 and 5 catches last two games. Raiders defense is awful. LETS GOOOO
  7. Tim Patrick 4 points for the title. Holy **** LOL. Got greedy with Gurley and shoulda played Robby Anderson but the reports this morning were pretty optimistic.
  8. Someone dropped Sterling Shepard... worth spending the rest of my FAAB on him? about $40. I am a WR2 away from having my set roster for the playoffs. In 1st due to Gurley, Mahomes, and others in a 12 team league. 1/2 PPR
  9. What a dud for many owners in the playoffs.. playoff sample size but as a whole did not live up to his 2nd round price tag.
  10. Dropping him. His replacement likely won't play either for me this week or next, but no way I start Hogan even if he plays next week. Bench lotto ticket here I come
  11. fair points, after more research I will be benching him (for Mike Davis actually lol). Jaguars defense has been on fire over last 6 games and TJ Yates is playing QB
  12. Have the Jaguars been dominant against the run? Or you think they will stack the box with Yates starting? Tbh I've viewed Lamar as a set it and forget it 10 point floor RB (I'll take it given the rest of my team; he won't lose you your matchup), yeah he had a subpar game last week but I figure he should bounce back.. now I'm reconsidering
  13. So most wont likely play him in one QB leagues, but in 2 qb leagues and superflex what do you do? Is his floor so bad for a qb that you start a WR/RB in a slot where you can play a qb, even with a great matchup?
  14. Wow this guy is bad. McCown might be out so I need to go back to MAriota in a superflex league. Uh oh
  15. If Mixon is out does Bernard > Peyton Barber as far as pick ups?
  16. Keenan or Martin............. Go Keenan at home. Thanks for mine
  17. Is Dion must start this week? OAK defense looks bad on paper but has anybody watched it? Might have another Denver type game for the Pats where they totally outclass their opponent.. which means more Dion