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  1. I would be overjoyed if we somehow bought Diaz at a reasonable or lower price. Not sure it makes sense for the Mets. They are going to get bullpen help, this is 100% guaranteed. I just hope its good stuff.
  2. I think there is a sub 10% chance that he is traded. If he is, it will most likely be to the Braves as they have an amazing prospect capital combined with a need at 3b. Still think he is a first round lock and production will be there all year per usual.
  3. Stanton or Sanchez. Guess I'd go Stanton.
  4. Trout and Lindor are the locks. Gotta go with Bellinger due to 1b scarcity and speed over Arenado
  5. I *used* to feel this way on free agents, but the fact is that to get the guys you HAVE to overpay. It's just how its been. Almost every SP that's gone is being overpaid it seems. The top hitters are all seemingly overpaid. But to get them, especially to get them to come to a shithole like the White Sox, you have to overpay. If you don't you settle for big signings like Gio Gonzalez. If the White Sox were in a really bad financial situation, or something, I'd totally get it -- but this team is ripening up and they continuously refuse to ignite it with a prime player.
  6. Also, on the Mazara trade... a lot of fans (like me) hated the deal on principle. It signaled the FO thought it was ok to pass on Ozuna/Castellanos to get a below average right fielder. On the outside, this looks like buying low on a player with a lot of potential. On the inside, it was typical white sox 101, avoiding spending the money on top free agents and instead dumpster diving.
  7. Eh... I suppose from an outsider looking in you can say a lot of positive things. As someone who has followed this team religiously during the offseasons the past few years, it's been pretty rough. They completely botched last year trying to grab Machado and Harper. Now, I often yearn on this, maybe too much, but I can't believe any competent front office would do what they did. They let everyone know that they were going after Harper and Machado, almost daily.... they traded/bought/helped division rivals (cleveland -- by trading for Yonder Alonso) to try to "woo" machado into signing. Yet, at the end of the day, they wouldn't put the money on the table. They got completely embarassed. Y. Grandal is a fine signing, im happy with that, but that's the largest signing ever in White Sox History. Ouch. They signed Abreu to a bit of an absurd extension, and now tell us that some of that 'machado money' has gone to Grandal/Abreu. This is a team that is well below average payroll right now by like 45 million (that's including all the signings). The owners are corrupt, the coaching staff is outdated and does not embrace the new analytical trend, and they can't sign a damn thing. This rebuild would have taken off with Machado or Harper. It would have gotten back on tracks with Wheeler. Now were stuck with probably signing s---y Keuchel and Ivan Nova... which is exactly what the White sox do .. they Dumpster dive. Look at what the Phillies and Padres are doing, two organizations who are working their asses off and putting their money on the table. I'd be ecstatic if I were a fan of these teams. It's an embarrassing organization (the White Sox), I've even tried to find new teams to root for, but at the end of the day, I don't have the passion for other teams like I do with the White sox due to childhood memories and all that.
  8. Yup, I lived 7+ years in the city of Chicago... has some of the highest highs (mostly during spring/fall, and the summer is popping depending on weather) and also some of the lowest lows.
  9. I'm not sure that it is... Have you seen this info graphic of percentages of playoff appearances? As a white sox fan all my life, this is one of the saddest images I've come across. We are dead last. This, combined with our historically awful front office really makes a strong case for one of the worst organizations in professional sports. All I want to do is enjoy White Sox baseball as a 'Sox fan, but they make it so damn difficult. Nothing I hate worse than a greedy front office penny-pinching on star players when they have so much room in the budget these past 2 years.
  10. Yeah, IDK who I was kidding -- the white sox are one of the worst organizations in professional sports
  11. Just starting to take a look at teams... I really like @UberRebel's squad. Grabbing some elite SP withe elite RP and some nice hitters, well balanced
  12. I have to say -- most 2 C leagues I have been in have seen catchers go much faster and earlier. I'm the only one with 2 catchers locked in at the moment and most of the teams haven't picked catchers. In auctions, catchers would be going 10+++, why so low in this mock draft?? Seems odd.