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  1. So unbelievably sad by this. It needed to happen. But dammit, I'm still broken by it.
  2. I'm in on Laureano. Seems like the fantasy pros out there have him as a top 20 OF but the general community teats him more like a top 40
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks 1b, pitcherlist rankings has him as the 16th ranked first basemen with a very nice profile read on him. I feel he is a great sleeper this year. Considering the beauty of Christian Walker‘s Statcast profile, it’s a shame his overall numbers didn’t quite reach the peaks that they likely could have with a bit more batted-ball luck: Despite a barrel rate in the 90th percentile and a hard-hit rate in the 94th percentile, Walker fell short of the 30-homer plateau. His 20.1% HR/FB rate seems a bit low considering his quality-of-contact metrics, and he underperformed both his .516 xSLG and .362 xwOBA. If he can continue to crush the ball in 2020, 35 homers is within reach, with a batting average that won’t hurt you.
  4. Yup, this will be the first year where I don't have a single league that uses .BA. In fact, I think all my leages use OPS not even OBP anymore.
  5. I'm really surprised to see no thread on D.J. So far. Guy bursts out of NOWHERE having an MVP-like season and being a top fantasy contributor last year AFTER leaving Coors field. Carries 1/2/3b eligibility on Y!. Plays for an insane offense. Do people think he's going to regress sharply? People paying the price for D.J.? I know, I'm in.
  6. I was 100% out on Bregman in my analysis to start the year. He's a first/second rounder that doesn't really steal. Pretty boring profile when you had guys like Tatis Jr, Turner, Lindor, Story, hell even Jose Ramirez there. Also Arenando is probably a head of Bregmann. However, in the auctions I've done I've acquired him in 2 of my 6 leagues so far. He's projected for $30 on Y! and has an avg of $37.1. I've been getting him around $31 and I feel that's a good value. I'm excited to say I'm "in" on one of the better hitters of last year, when I was previously out.
  7. Can we take a moment to talk about why .BA is still the standard? IMO OBP > BA by far and OPS >>>>>> BA by super far. Walks are forgotten in standard settings. Doubles/triples don't really mean much in a standard 5x5 unless they come with counting stats. OPS is the way to go. OBP is fine too. BA is just so outdated.
  8. What are you talking about? They had a perfectly fine offense last year and now added Starlin Marte + Kole Calhoun to the mix. Team should be in the upper half of the NL offenses.
  9. Hows everyone approaching the draft with him? Just got him for $15 in a standard $260 draft. Not sure how I feel about it. I guess that's about right.
  10. It seems everybody in the fantasy world is IN on this guy. The first drafted pitcher in mostly all leagues and ADPs. I just accidently drafted him in one of my 8 leagues as I felt his value was solid. Why should I NOT be worried about: - A pitcher getting an insane contract going to a HR-friendly park. We've seen time and time again when SPs go get that mega contract often times their next year is just not nearly as good. Doesn't have to be a disaster, but it won't be AS good. - His track record. Cole doesn't have a long track record like a DeGrom or Max or JV. IDK. I mean this guy is THE top dog. You have to PAY UP for him. I don't feel confident.
  11. No and we need more information. I do some 12 team leagues, but their deep as can be on Y! with 30 man rosters, 3 IL spots, 1 NA spot and lots of starting positions. In this style of league an extreme stars and scrubs approach would be really risky. However, in a 23 man roster 12 team league with limited starters like the public Y! leagues, then yeah, stars+scrubs seems like a really nice idea as the waiver wire will be loaded with talent. Still, this doesn't mean it's the ONLY way to win. I've won numerous leagues going more balance, just make sure your 'balance' isn't a bunch of $15 guys, but rather a couple $30 guys, a lot of $20 guys, and some $10 or so guys as well.
  12. Just had an absolutely NUTS auction draft last night on Y!. The league was a 12 team, AL-ONLY, H2H Points (as equally balanced between hitters and pitchers as could be). Auction Draft. In the first few rounds players were going for normal/just a little bit above their price. For instance, I got a steal with Lindor at $41, Trout went for around $60, Bregman and Jo-Ram went for $40. I got Stanton at $11, Judge went for $21, and I got Gallo for $15. All of the sudden, the **** hit the fan. It was like all 12 managers realized at the same time that there wasn't enough elite talent to go around. Moncada (I got) went for $37, Eloy (I got) went for $44, Josh Donaldson $31, Bo Bichette for $39, Greinke for $35, Jose Berrios $33, and the list goes on and on. $0 players like Mike Friers were going for $10. Everybody had cash. The moral of the story? Know your league especially if it's an AL/NL only. Buying players early before people get in tune with the situation might be the best strategy. Boy do I wish I bought Altuve at 26, Breg at 39, Jo-ram at 39 instead of spending equal $$$$$ on middle players.
  13. 2nd thread on the Dodger utility players. If I recall, Kike had a really strong showing early on last year. Any deep league appeal here?
  14. I'm making the thread on the two Dodgers super utility players. Chris Taylor was some real hot **** in the past two years, but this year he is not even going in standard drafts. He has 2b, SS, and OF currently on Y! and I mean, he's not half bad in deeper formats! 15 HR/10 SB in limited at bats which allows you to plug and play in daily leagues doesn't seem awful, right?