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  1. This is a guy that I will likely not be drafting in any leagues. Seems like the ship has already sailed on this one. His stocks is rising and I think as March comes closer more people will try to snipe him as their 'sleeper.' I just can't pay for a guy that wasn't on my radar. Also, he plays for the rays...
  2. Basketball + Baseball + football fantasy league. Have a draft where you can draft any player from the three sports, etc. Is there any interest in this new style of league?
  3. 1 or 2 pitch pitcher, faced off against weak opponents all year, has the injury he will not be on any of my teams, bound for major regression
  4. Hard to rank. I don't think I'd take him a head of anyone of the names I mentioned for re-draft.
  5. Love the rankings.... It's going to be a real fun year if we get a real full mlb 2021 season. I agree that TIER 1 Degrom, Cole, Bieber Now Tier 2 is interesting, I think I'd have Tier 2 Buehler, Kershaw, Giolito, Darvish, Bauer, Castillo Tier 3 Snell, Glasnow, Flaherty, Nola, Scherzer, Gallen Tier 4 Lynn, Clevinger, Greinke, Maeda, Gray, Woodruff, Fried, Plesac Left out: Lamet (not touching) IDK.
  6. won 3 out of 3 roto leagues, 12 team, 15 team, 15 team Won 2 H2h leagues, got 5th place in another won 1 NL only league, got 3rd place in AL only not bad
  7. You didn't answer the question at all but highlighted wording in my Q. It's quite clear that research is an actual skill. You may be confused on it, and yes -- I would agree that people who are roaming through player threads on RW are not doing anything skillfully, but many others do actual research on the players and that does indeed take skill. Research skills are our ability to find an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. Research skills include the ability to gather information about your topic, review that information and analyze and interpret the information in a manner that brings us to a solution.
  8. I'm curious what you mean by this, because research skills are such a thing. It takes intelligence and ability to look through the numbers, analyze graphs, ask the right questions, and know where to look/find the information.
  9. Poor statement, would like to hear more about your thoughts. Is there league dependency, for instance? Do you have stats to back up this or is it just your personal bias from the limited sample you've seen?
  10. From my previous post, I think the most important aspect of Luck Vs. Skill in Fantasy Baseball is your league setup. The next most important aspect is the competency of the managers. From a league setup standpoint, you can't tell me that traditional H2H requires anymore than 50% skill (at the uptmost maximum). My opinion is that it is 10-20% skill and the rest luck. What are ways to make H2H leagues maximally skill based? - Eliminate playoffs - Deep rosters and more than 12 teams - Set limits on Roster transactions in a given week to avoid streaming SP's as much as possible (I've tried weekly settings, FAAB, others, but noting has worked perfectly for the desired effect as you also want to give competent managers the ability to make changes to their team on a daily basis based on statistical analysis) - Look at stat categories based on luck vs. stat categories based on skill. Wins and saves are pretty luck based, even steals are very luck based. Maybe replace them (but with what?). There isn't much hope for H2H leagues. Those arguing in favor of H2H leagues have any more than 50% skill are pretty delusional in their enjoyment of the league (don't get me wrong - those leagues are fun). So Roto is the way to go if you are looking for maximum skill. With that being said, the same sort of issues apply. What stat cats? How deep? Daily vs. Weekly? Roto I think has a base of 40% skill and could reach more towards the 70% skill based on set up.
  11. Luck dominates all fantasy sports. In baseball it's no different. 1) It matters A LOT on what your league settings are. 12 Team standard H2H leagues with playoffs where 6 teams make it is almost entirely luck based. You can mitigate some luck with a long season where only 4 teams make it and maybe even with deep rosters or a deeper league, but anytime where you can get knocked out of the season due to 1 bad week there is going to be an insane amount of luck involved. So much so, that i'd venture to say its 80%+ luck and 20% skill. I've been in 100's of public leagues over there years and it never ceases to amaze me the few times that I lose (or I see another active manager lose) to a team that hasn't updated their roster the entire year. All it takes is a few blow ups from your SP in the given week and you are in a hole. Additionally, things like streaming SP's or how you set up free agency can influence the luck component in your league. A year long, deep roto league with high standards on waiver wire additions tends to mitigate a lot of this inherent luck, however it is very difficult to find good leagues like this where you have 16-20 managers, deep rosters, good settings, and all managers are active all year. Even then.... 2) Sports will still feature so much luck based on players, injuries, etc. The deeper the league, the more skill it takes to participate in. You can't just auto draft your team. The irony is that the deeper the league, the more fluke injuries can kill your team. That unlucky injury of your star player now immensely hurts you. Random down years? Look at Yoan Moncada, who had Covid early in the year and hasn't been the same since. How can you predict that? etc. It sucks, but I've been on a search for the least luck based league settings for a while now. Unfortunately, it doesn't look good. It's just not the nature of how fantasy sports are played.
  12. This guy is a top 2 catcher next year. His stats for a year of games is insanely impressive.
  13. Padres/Dodgers and White Sox/Twins, such good games tonight.
  14. hey guys, just a quick Q -- Anyone else find that this place (rotoworld forums) is slowing down in activity? A lot of old posters gone? Just curious your thoughts on the trends here. Kinda makes me sad.
  15. he's awful benched for dylan moore's of the world