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  1. Duke Johnson. Reminds me of the disaster of when Lamar Miller went from the Dolphins to the Texans. The only difference is that Miller was getting used. Duke is basically an afterthought.
  2. Lolol. Looks like Sony Michel is right back to my bench.
  3. Slow in June so let’s remember the time that the Josh Gordon thread crashed the forums for 3 weeks
  4. The mods must still have PTSD from when the Josh Gordon threat single handedly crashed the forums for two weeks lol.
  5. Varying points of Bell's upcoming payday... In a span of 8 days Bell went from becoming one of the highest paid backs in the league, to having no guarantee that he will be able to cash in, to becoming overpaid. What a difference a week makes. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports impending free agent Le'Veon Bell is seeking $17 million annually. It's $3 million higher than Todd Gurley's average salary. Bell also wants $45 million guaranteed. It's a lot of money for a 27-year-old coming off a holdout at a devalued position, but Bell is going to get overpaid this offseason. With the Steelers expected to transition tag Bell, teams may be forced to frontload Bell's contract. Nov 18 - 12:03 PM Unsigned Steelers franchise player Le'Veon Bell will not report by Tuesday's 4PM ET deadline and is out for the remainder of the 2018 season. What a disaster. By not reporting, Bell forfeits the remaining $6.84 million on his $14.544 million tender. 26-year-old Bell has framed this as betting on himself and doing what is right for his fellow running backs, but this is money he will never make back. There is no guarantee a 27-year-old runner is going to cash in on the open market after sitting out an entire season healthy. Even if he does, a running back passing up $14.544 million guaranteed for one season of play in the modern NFL is not a sound business decision. It's not fair, of course, but it is reality. James Conner will finish out the year as a true bell-cow back/elite RB1. The Steelers could theoretically tag Bell again in the spring, but the sides will undoubtedly divorce. Nov 13 - 3:48 PM ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Le'Veon Bell isn't expected to report before Tuesday's franchise tag deadline. It means Bell will forfeit his remaining $6.84 million salary and sit out the entire season. Bell already counts as a third-year franchise player for 2019, so there's not much upside in him returning to a timeshare with James Conner. He also avoids injury and potentially extends his career. Bell will either be transition tagged or allowed to walk next offseason, where he'll become one of the highest paid backs in the league. The Steelers can move forward with Conner under team control through 2020.
  6. Cole Beasley managed just two catches for 12 yards on three targets Sunday in the Cowboys’ Week 16 loss to the Cowboys. He drew a 43-yard pass interference on Justin Coleman but was otherwise a non-factor. Beasley has followed up his best season with one of his worst, clearing 40 yards receiving in only one of 15 games this year. He’ll look to end the year on a high note next week at Philadelphia. The Cowboys have always played the Cowboys tough so it's no surprise that Dallas lost to the Cowboys.
  7. If anyone fighting for a playoff spot wants to take a shot on Mr. 4 target Watkins then be my guest but there is nothing that indicates he will be a part of this game plan with our without woods. He just needs to finish off this waste of a year and head to another team. I would love love love to see the Eagles get rid of Jeffery and sign Watkins. Lions would also be another team that makes a lot of sense.
  8. Duke Johnson caught 4-of-6 targets for 56 yards and a touchdown in the Browns' Week 11 loss to the Jaguars, adding two carries for 10 yards. Johnson was the lone bright spot in yet another dispiriting Browns loss. His 27-yard score in the second quarter was perhaps DeShone Kizer's only well placed ball of the afternoon. Johnson was in the slot as the Browns went four verticals. Johnson will be a bottom-barrel RB3 for Week 12 against the Bengals. Nov 19 - 6:20 PM Bottom Barrel RB3? He's scored double digit points in PPR in 7 of 9 weeks. I'd say that's a lot better than bottom barrel RB3. Sounds like someone is mad they traded him low.
  9. Joey Cora is so talented that not only has he assumed the identity of his own brother but has taken his job as manager of the red sox while still interviewing to become the bench coach. In theory since he is now manager he would get to hire himself. Does that mean if Joey Cora the manager gets thrown out that Joey Cora the bench coach can stay in the dugout and manager? Sorry Alex. It's Joey's time to shine. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reports that Pirates' third base coach Joey Cora could become the Red Sox' new bench coach. He's the elder brother of Red Sox' new manager Joey Cora and there is growing belief that the two would like to unite. He previously functioned as the Marlins' bench coach during the 2012 season.
  10. Been saying for a few weeks he could miss the season. With the setback I would say it's more likely than not he does.
  11. Throwing him out there and hoping he can get a lot of check downs.
  12. I'm not even sure what to do with him anymore. I want to play him but a timeshare against the Vikings is not a recipe for success. Similar dilemma with McGuire against the pats