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  1. Can anyone give me some long term prospects on Smith? I don't know much about him but might be looking to make a play to get him. From what I've seen online, he's got a lot of upside but the Vikings offense isn't really passing friend if you aren't Theirlan or Jefferson.
  2. This is another great rant from Joe & Evan about Gase when the Jets fired Maccagnan. Skip to the :30 for the start.
  3. Honestly, yes I think he is. He showed a lot of promise that first year, and even the second half of last year. I don't think he's a superstar, but middle of the road QB, sure. The problem for Darnold has been that he's been screwed with crappy supporting cast and an even worse coach who in the words of the owner is an "offensive genius." Literally everyone knew this hire was going to be a bust except for Manish Metta and ownership. For anyone not in the NY area and not familiar with Joe & Evan on WFAN. They are two of the biggest Jets fans around, especially Joe. Watch this video from back when they hired Gase. The first part is a recording from when Bowles was fired and then they go to live where they break down the hiring. It's a great listen.
  4. Honestly, at this point and this is something some fans have been saying in the NY/NJ area. It might be better to let Gase ride it out. Why shake things up and potentially generate a spark? The Jets have to pay him anyway, might as well let him complete the winless year. Take Lawrence. Start fresh.
  5. No. I don't see either of them really being in a position to overtake the other. I think they compliment each other really well. Some weeks Higgins will have the better week. Some weeks Boyd will have the better week. Based on how much Burrow is throwing the ball(and his encouraging play) I think there will be more than enough for both to feast as we move forward, especially long term when AJ is gone after the year. I think they will both open things up for each other. If Boyd is doing well in the slot then Higgins can get over the top. If Higgins is taking defenses deep and having the safety drop back then that opens space for Boyd in the intermediate space. A lot of encouraging stuff with these two. If Higgins didn't have the big 64 yard play then him and Boyd would have had the same stat line. If I'm in keeper/dynasty leagues I would be looking to acquire either one of them..especially Boyd in PPR. I think this will be a dominating trio(burrow, boyd, higgins) for years to come. I actually just traded Higgins because I had too many Bengals, but he's someone I'm really hopeful for.
  6. Not enough far. There should be a memorial section simply for that thread cause it was the wildest, most out of control, most useless because the guy was suspended thread in history.
  7. This could be 2020s version on the Josh Gordon thread that broke the forums for 3 weeks.
  8. Because once Mack went down he was supposed to be a Barkley type back behind probably the top offensive line. I know Rivers threw for 300+ today but overall I think teams are stacking the box and daring Rivers to beat them. Today he did.
  9. Haven’t heard anything. Probably won’t know more till tomorrow or Tuesday.
  10. Great to see him getting 2 tds in a game where the yards weren’t there. Assuming that type of trend continues that means he could have a pretty solid floor on a weekly basis. Love having him on my dynasty team and while I’m out of it this year I’m happy I can build around him.
  11. Anyone looking at JuJu as a buy low candidate in keeper/dynasty leagues?
  12. Time to write off Engram? First he would produce but couldn’t stay on the field. Now he’s on the field and can’t produce.
  13. Perriman wasn't playable when he was younger, with a younger Flacco. I mean I guess he's worth a stash if you have deep enough benches if you are really in a play and pray pinch.
  14. The only challenge with this is that no one really knows what CEH's value is anymore. With him "struggling" to start the season and now with Bell there, I can't imagine any owner of quality is going to be buying at anything near initial value until things shake out. Even worse would be trading him at a deflated price due to the uncertainty and then he ends up still having a strong role. He won't get phased out completely regardless so it's not like his value is completely nothing, but no one knows where it is right now. I'm not even sure if the Chiefs fully know what the plan is yet.