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  1. People acting like MLB controls when things open. They can formulate a plan all they want, if governments aren't opening then there's no baseball. That said, glad MLB is busy trying to get something in the works.
  2. Fair points, but I'm not sure I'd agree with the bolded part. One can argue just as easily that his productivity might falter having to continuously provide developments on baseball, which I think most can agree is not an essential activity, or even on the second or third tiers of priorities. Edit: to elaborate, the most effective scenario seems to be to let Fauci and his team deal with increasing testing and reducing deaths, among other things, and then once the curve has flattened, to start letting sports leagues and other secondary sectors deal with Fauci and his team on how they'll return. Seems quite early for the latter stage IMO, but that's just me.
  3. Is it bothersome to anyone that Fauci keeps needing to opine on the state of baseball? Baseball is not essential, so people should stop asking the leading expert on the pandemic to chime in on it, especially when deaths are still increasing and testing is not yet where it should be. Just my two cents.
  4. Your confidence is impressive but you don’t know more than the rest of us so stop acting like it.
  5. I also heard the CEO of BP saying that people should be flying more. He’s an expert and I believe him.
  6. Opening up this early decreases the odds we see baseball IMO. Best case scenario given the facts would've been to go full lockdown until the curve flattens and then start ramping up activities, like baseball games without fans. What we have now are places opening up before the curve flattens, let alone before these places have even peaked, which will likely lead to the exact same scenario we were in a month ago. People who want baseball shouldn't be happy to see things opening up now.
  7. Maybe education is more important than baseball though 🤔
  8. I think we can all agree on the bolded.
  9. Hoooold up, what happened to there not being enough test kits? If MLB will somehow get their hands on 1,200 test kits just to get baseball going, while there's still a backlog of these for normal folks, that would be a tragedy.
  10. Agreed with this. In the last few pages this thread has turned into a cesspool of "you vs. I" rather than actual takes based on factual information. No need to further the issue.
  11. Surprised Yelich is there considering he didn't enter the league until 2013 (I think) and his pre-breakout years weren't anything to write home about.
  12. Is there a reason for having this thread and the other "COVID-19 impact on baseball" thread? I feel that both discussions are similar and would be better off being consolidated into one thread.
  13. Some of us are a bit more pessimistic than you are, that much is clear. Personally I'd prefer to play the "not expect baseball, but be pleasantly surprised if we see it" approach than the opposite approach. Trump has proven time and time again that he has no grasp of this pandemic and isn't the best person to use as a bearing - I'd stay clear from heightening expectations due to anything he's done.