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  1. Is Coutee even in the game? I don't see him. All I need is 8 points come on
  2. Why be scared of Votto and a breakout Suarez lol good call guys
  3. He's been really good lately. Another gem tonight
  4. He'll be mashing on my team for years to come
  5. I can only keep three players on my team. I'll be keeping him over a few pretty great players.
  6. I feel like he's a must add in a keeper league. Scooped him about a week ago. Need this guy on my squad for years to come. Idc if he doesn't get the call until August.
  7. Someone give me a good reason not to drop him right now. He's killing me. About to pull the trigger
  8. Made it to my two week championship matchup with Kamara leaving early thanks to the Steelers ringing that Bell. Let's go Alvin!
  9. Has it been said that he's out for the rest of the game? Why is everyone freaking out?