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  1. If we play (which is still undecided) the plan is to reset the rosters to March 2020 prior to the 21 season. Add/Drops, MiLB activations ect. ALL undone. This year will basically be a mulligan. We're not going to toll our contract years either. Guys like Soto will remain cheap for an additional year.
  2. Kelly. I think he's clearly above the rest who all have their flaws.
  3. I don't really disagree with any of what you've said. It's just the way I prefer to manage my dynasty teams. If a pitcher blows out his elbow, he's dinged a lot more than a bat in trade value.
  4. Personal Preference in long term, if at all possible, I only hold bats. Too much upheaval in pitchers. If I'm going to hold a Pitcher I want someone on the MLB borderline like Sixto as opposed to someone whose got year(s) in the minors yet. Call it Alex-Reyes-Phobia.
  5. I'm assuming the contracts include this shortened year. If not, I'd probably bump Sale down and Santana up. Farm: Sixto, Bleday and Gorman. Five Year: Story Four Year:Walker, Ketel, JD Davis or Stanton Three Year: Stanton or Davis, Kelly, Hader, Sale and Pham Two Year: Hand, Blackmon, Cruz, Santana, Price and Carrasco
  6. So Ownership had no intention of following through with any longer season. It was all a dog and pony show to them. Why is American Sports Commissionership a race to the bottom on pretty much every possible thing? Bettman: Sucks in a varitey of ways. Goodell: "Hold My Beer" Manfred: "Hold My Keg"
  7. I'm listening in NL Only for sure. There's upside here still, and some guys take a while to get settled in as "useful" who still carve out long careers.
  8. I think it's reasonable. Julio has been with LA for a while, and really hasn't gained a lot of traction towards a rotation spot. Castillo is a #1 starter, a top tenish SP for 2020 and the immediate future. Dynasty is balancing the maybe future great with the now quite valuable. Castillo will definitely help you win more than Julio in the short term, and possibly more than both Julio and the 1st, depending on precisely how many players y'all keep. If that "1st" is really like the 14th round, and unless you're in the top couple to grab superstud draft picks, it's not going to be useful for 5 years.
  9. That's like asking how to find a significant other who's reliably everything you want. Impossible to do reliably. Its circumstance and luck, just gotta keep fishing. Keep your lines open amongst your friends, and when you DO eventually find one good enough to stick with, play THROUGH the tough years instead of looking to change leagues. Good luck, it sucks when people reveal themselves as less than expected.
  10. This. This reeks of "The commish, and or his boys, don't feel like they did well enough to make this a Dynasty"
  11. I'm thrilled personally. There'll ALWAYS be new off the radar guys, but now my current pile of guys will likely get opportunities to show their value sooner. The same research that brought me them, will help me find the new ones too...
  12. Can you win NOW? In my opinion, in Dynasty, if you've got a long term asset like a Pearson at a strong price you only move it in a 1 for many trade IF you can significantly improve your chances of victory this year. Often, there are only 4-5 teams that really have a chance at winning the league each year. If something like this only moves your roster into maybe territory, I'm hesitant. Also, I know in my league we're not playing for money this year. Winning is entirely for fun, so I'm not burning any good bullets to push myself over the top this year personally.
  13. I'd think they'd be giving Kendrick more chances if only to then free up space to use Kieboom on the left side of the infield. Gotta imagine getting Kieboom into the lineup holds more promise than more ABs for Thames.
  14. On the 0/6, it's likely that the competitive "Weeks" haven't started yet. Often there's a scramble after the draft to replace players on the DL. A platoon guy is someone like Joc Pederson, who doesn't play against lefty (or righty, but they're less useful) starting pitchers. Joc as my example compiled 36 HR, 74 RBI 83 Runs and 1 SB last year, while sitting against all Lefty SPs. If you can bench him and get stats for the games he sits, his "lack" of RBI and Runs is far more acceptable. TBBT's right though, in your case you're probably not really using many. Might bump someone like Joc up 10-15 slots in the ranking, probably still bottom of your roster filler.
  15. One of the big differences between Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football is the time frame of player development. Guys very rarely come from absolutely nowhere to explode onto the scene, especially once your league is plugged into the minor league prospect portion of drafting. So multi-year rebuilding projects are much more feasible, and you really can build a team from scratch. I play both every year, and Baseball is more of a year long social project, and Football is more a weekly event. Similar to the actual sports now that I look at it that way. Also, if your league is allowing daily roster moves it really tweaks the game in some different ways from Football. Carrying a stud platoon guy is a far more palatable option...