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  1. So Vaughn not even a thing anymore... lol
  2. Ok all set everyone is on waivers until Monday morning at 8 AM est I will switch it back to normal and all players will hit fa until the regular season...
  3. Nice draft fellas... hopefully all have made their adds... throwing everyone on waivers for one go round... best of luck this season...
  4. This may be the thinnest waiver wire we have ever had... just an opinion
  5. @mneel55 last pick otc
  6. Nearing the end here so remember I will place all fa's on waivers for one run... then regular rules apply
  7. Hopefully everyone is doing well in real life like this draft, by the way... Season of fantasy baseball is gonna be a mfr as i try to keep up on news in both sports
  8. Reminder all players will be put on waivers following the draft conclusion so everyone has a fair shot at waiver adds... then regular rules will apply please make sure to add your drafted players @aburley Thanks
  9. Kelley was my other choice... probably should went him
  10. Justin Herbert Chargers QB Darrynton Evans Titans RB @vikingapocalypse otc
  11. Picks 2.12 and 3.01 are available for right deal...
  12. Zack Moss Bills RB @Winky otc
  13. Trade announcement @vikingapocalypse Trades 2020 pick 2.09 to @hard1 For Marquise Brown