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  1. Looks like a thicker Phil lindsay
  2. Curious to see this week 17 game from him
  3. Because it's a Shanahan lead offense... it will produce with any rb that can plant a foot in the ground and go... mostert gets hurt it's the next guy...
  4. Smokin indo sipping on vodka and juice... just not the same
  5. Yeah great game in no ones line up but def nice to see the other side of what should have been
  6. https://www.miamidolphins.com/news/myles-gaskin-getting-his-opportunity-and-running-with-it
  7. https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/philadelphia-eagles-greg-ward-keith-williams-aaf-san-antonio-commanders-university-houston-20191220.html
  8. I'd say game winning td grab has him in line to be the guy again
  9. Jets signed kenneth dixon today... could be nothing... but a curious move from them...
  10. Signed to the jets... feel like this is an interesting end of season roster move for a team that wants to move on from it's starting tailback...
  11. Yeah no way... I lost cause I rolled laird out last week... but for keeper leagues may be a little smoke to end the season
  12. Boykin is out we are seeing the ravens operate at a high level and hes not even a speck Prosise is a fa the talent is there if he can find his way to say the buccs lions or redskins he could become a thing... Seattle didn't cut him free and had many an opportunity because if some reason....cause hes talented Myles gaskin could be the guy for the phins the next 2 weeks will dictate but came out of nowhere to play 34 snaps to match laird's 34 snaps and looked better... Another guy and this is most likely nothing but devontae Booker but hes a guy that will be available cheap and can catch some passes...same teams as prosise... could add chargers in that mix
  13. Split carries in half this last weekend with laird and looked better...