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  1. I need mahomes to 40 point it and Arizona d to hold at positive points
  2. Rarely agree but at this point I am just looking for game winners and fill ins
  3. Since his oc has said he'll get touches along with robinson both have instead dwindled... opposite game... love coach speak
  4. Definitely loving his production like having Greg the leg prime back
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ben-roethlisberger-lauds-juju-smith-schusters-unselfishness-says-he-is-still-the-steelers-no-1-receiver/ I find this hilarious... yeah hey Ben throw it to Claypool and washington cause you know ill be number 1 by being number 4
  6. Hate this guy can't wait till he gets a qb
  7. The qb and offensive coordinator suck... um hello jags gruden wasn't good with the skins and he is good now cause???
  8. No one is doing what they are supposed to do
  9. Yeah what happened? Ben came back to eff juju evidently
  10. Why is mckissic a thing... seriously what the eff is happening... gibson positive vibes until Allen hot hurt then Alex Smith comes in and jd starts getting run then today happens.... wtf is happening gd covid interfering with these coaches brains
  11. No one gets dealt... boring trade deadline Even then whats he bring back? Lindsay udfa took his spot hobbled melvin Gordon took his spot...Elway hates him evidently... not everyone can be T.D.
  12. As long as he leaves Gilmore 6 feet behind we in the clear
  13. Yeah needs to come out guns blazing absolutely agree and put a dent in this mfr