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  1. i like the drake/chark/henderson side who would your starters ? what do u say
  2. If u really want to trade Ridley for a QB you can get better then wentz what does your team look like ? what do u say
  3. Good trade for you If he’ll agree what do u say
  4. I like scott if u need a RB for the short term what do u say
  5. I think Singletary continues to get the bulk of the carries what do u think
  6. I wouldnt use a #2 on hasty any other RB out there ? what do u say
  7. I like the waller deal no bye for waller too what do u say
  8. I dont like either trade both WR are WR1 in a competitive league there is no one making those trades so what do u say
  9. How does the rest of the team look ? You’ll have better success pulling off a deal if both Gurley and DJ will start for the team u are trading for what do h say
  10. I like the trade you upgrade your Flex RB you have the depth at WR to do it im not big on making a trade for a bye week QB . Any one else on his team worth grabbing ? what do u say
  11. Great trade for u you are upgrading your starting RB nice work what do u say
  12. If you can trade for Murray do it you are deep at WR what do you say
  13. I wouldnt trade kittle for the 1st trade What do u say
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