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  1. Need 3 more guys... or gals... Fantrax Slow draft. 35.00 entry. email
  2. 50.00 redraft league on Fantrax. Slow draft, 17 man roster. Hoping for 14 teams, will go with 12. I have 9 in as of today. Email if interested.
  3. Filling a single season redraft league on Fantrax. 50.00 entry. 14 teams. 17 man rosters. email me if interested. 1/2 full as of today. Draft will be in August.
  4. 4th season for this league. 30.00 entry, 18 keepers. Available teams have 2nd and 5th pick in draft each Rd. Need 2 owners to step in and build winners. email if interested.
  5. Need a few more for a slow draft, 16 team HR Derby on Fantrax. 15 man roster, 4 Res. 4 add moves for season. Top 4 at end win $. email if interest B
  6. League is 1/2 full. (14 team) Keeper league. H2H pts. 32 man roster. Slow Draft starts in a couple weeks if full! email if Interested.