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  1. I got 17 commitments, like a few more. email me if interested. You can read rules for playing at site above. Leaguesafe will hold $$. I am longtime commish, many leagues.
  2. On Fantrax. use Fantrax Treasurer. .5 ppr. (No IDP) Standard Fantrax league scoring. H2H 12 teams unless we can get 14. 50.00 entry, weekly and year end payouts. email me asap Bob
  3. I would like to have a Redraft league this season. use Fantrax and Treasurer there. ppr, entry fee can be discussed. 50.00 or under I think. 12 to 14 teams. Using a Slow draft in Aug. email me if interested
  4. Running a Pts Accumulative League on Fantrax. Need 1 or 2 more owners. Slow draft, 0 Transactions. 15.00 entry. (Might do 2 if enough owners)
  5. Getting guys together for 50,00 single season league. Fantrax Treasury. also have a couple orphans in Keeper need owners. email
  6. We use fantrax. 40.00 entry. Got 3 or 4 teams in 3 different leagues I need new, active owners. Rebuild is needed. One has #1 pick in rookie draft, another has #1, Another #2 and one later. Interested, email me Bob
  7. Commish 6 leagues. One draft n Sit is in mid rounds of slow draft. Having a good time, so starting a second slow draft. NO transaction league. Just draft and let it ride. 20.00 on Fantrax. 5 hour clock, start asap. Have 9, need 12 to 15.
  8. I might be interested, all my leagues are on Fantrax. email me Bob
  9. Ran a redraft last year, it was Pts. Switching it up, going to Ctagories h2H this year. 20.00 entry on Fantrax. 16 Teams, 30 man roster... single season. email if interested... it will be a SLOW draft in Feb.
  10. Got 13 in, like to get 2 more! Only 20 bux
  11. Running a HR Derby, slow Draft, 20.00 entry. Fantrax, roster based on # of owners. Will have a small bench. HR 1, GS 2. email if interested
  12. 14 total cat = 6 hitters cats & 6 pitching cats? = 12??