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  1. Ran 2 of these last year. Guys seem to like them. Already invited them back, but imagine will have openings. Slow Draft on Fantrax. U draft your 22 man roster. No transactions. H2H W-L with Playoffs. Pay top 3 at year end. just like regular H2H. Drafting strategy! email me Bob
  2. Taking names for a $50.00 Redraft, single season League. Will be on Fantrax. 17 man roster. slow draft. email interest...
  3. LOL Thanks Milli! 2 Threads down... hard to find! LOL
  4. Still need more guys for Playoff challenge... email me!!
  5. We use fantrax. 35.00 entry. will have 7 MILB slots. Lost an owner of a decent team. Stanton, Cole, Puig, Schwarber.... email me if interest.
  6. I am running a Playoff challenge Group. Entry is 20.00 on Leaguesafe. I had 20 guys last year, hope to again. Just sent email to my League owners. email me if interested. Bob
  7. I have 1 or 2 teams in a couple leagues with neglectful owners. I am replacing, hopefully with good active owners. Leagues are on Fantrax, 40.00 entry. email if interested. don't expect the best teams in the league!
  8. 14 teams, we have 10. 25.00 entry, 16 keepers. .5 ppr email me on Fantrax (slow draft)
  9. I got one, 25.00 on Fantrax. 16 keepers. Still need a few guys.
  10. 20 man rosters, 14 teams. .5 ppr Weekly payouts and yr end $$. Keep 16 of 20. Fantrax collect $$ and we will have a Slow Draft in Aug. email if interested Bob
  11. email me for 25.00 Slow draft on Fantrax.
  12. I run 2 already, might do a 3rd i guess. The redraft I wanted to do isn't filling. Seems everyone wants keepers and dynasty.
  13. Need some good owners for a redraft league. Slow draft in Aug. $40.00 entry with weekly payouts and year end $$ also. Basic scoring with .5 ppr. NO IDP. email if interest Bob