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  1. Start up Dynasty on Fantrax. Early Recruiting. On Fantrax. 35.00 yr. 22 man roster... 10 actives. .5 ppr weekly high score payout plus year end winners Need good solid owners to stick with it! (Not using draft pick trades, it's a pay feature) email if you like it! Bob
  2. I plan on doing a startup dynasty. haven't started recruiting owners yet. Will be on Fatntrax.
  3. 16 teams slow Draft in March 30.00 on Fantrax H2H Pts
  4. Need a few more guys, 15.00 Leaguesafe. Game played on It is similar to Fantasy with twisted rules. email me if interested
  5. Need an owner to take this rebuild project. 30.00 on fantrax email me if interested
  6. Replacing a slacker owner. Inactive 4 weeks now. 40.00 entry. 10.00 will hold the team... if owner quits, new owner buys in at 20.00. so 30.00 is league fee. Decent team needs active owner. We are in 1st season, so working out bad owners. email me
  7. 22.50 with 10.00 weekly going to high score. 12 teams, live ESPN draft 9-2 around 8 edt. email me need 6 more.
  8. Evening sometime... 8-10 edt area , need to get it filled. Long way to go.
  9. 22.50, leaguesafe. ESPN live draft . Standard ESPN scoring. 12 teams, 16 man roster. Draft Saturday night Sept 2nd. Payout wrinkle Pays SB winner and runner up. And weekly High Pts scorer 22.50 x 12 = 270.00 SB winner = 60.00 SB loser = 40.00 Weekly High scorer = 10.00 x 17 Email me asap