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  1. He’s back in. Was never benched. Gaskins just got a few carries, and the Dolphins never really had the ball.
  2. Rap reporting this morning that he looks great in practice and wants to play Week 16-17. Anyone here grabbing before his 1pm game today to stash for the championship? Would be a risky start, but against Miami, he could be a huge payoff.
  3. WR2??? Come on now...he just put up 3 monster duds in a row, all 3 against very favorable matchups. Now he gets one of the best defenses in the NFL, who are on a roll, with a QB and offense that dominate possession, AND on a Thursday night... Of course he was overlooked, as he should have been. Nobody in their right mind should've started him last night. It's REAL easy to come tout him AFTER the fact, but let's be honest, there was a reason this thread was dead. He's a WR4/5 at best, and just had a lucky big game. A WR2 doesn't go 3 straight games against the worst pass defenses in the NFL and average 2 points per game. Anyone who started him in those games are most likely not even still alive in fantasy.
  4. Just here for any updates on practice today, or Gruden's presser afterwards.
  5. I’m not sure I can start this guy in the playoffs. Been on my bench for a while, keeping him from other teams. But he surrounded these 2 monster games with 2 absolutely duds. If I started him last week, I wouldn’t even be here today.
  6. I can’t. I think I can get behind that move. Starting him over Crowder myself...
  7. Jamaal and Deebo for me. thanks for the help on mine.
  8. Pittsburgh @ Arizona or Philly vs Giants MNF Philly projected more points against a pathetic Giants offense with Eli. But they let me down big time. And I feel like it just might be a low scoring run heavy game. Pittsburgh defense has been killing it. And although Arizona offense can be good at times, I feel like Pitt has a much greater chance of INTs and Sacks. Leaning Pittsburgh. Thoughts? WHIR
  9. Both at home vs Miami. Afraid I might be getting too cute, but with Bell out, Powell certainly is intriguing. Crowder had a couple big games with Darnold, but Robby has been crushing lately to Crowder’s detriment lately. Am I crazy for considering flexing Powell over Crowder this week??