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  1. Yes, it is quite normal. It is called “streaming defenses” which is quite literally the name of this thread lol. There are entire weekly articles and segments by every fantasy site dedicated to exactly this strategy.
  2. Brown > Mclaurin Jefferson > Slayon So you're asking him to downgrade at 2 premium positions just so he can add a bakcup TE? I don't see any way he even considers accepting this. But good luck.
  3. As has been stated here earlier, Fulgham lines up all over the field, outside and in the slot. Bradberry will not be shadowing him around full time.
  4. Needed 8 points COMBINED form Tyreek and Hardman. Seemed like a lock... Unreal
  5. Yeah... Hardman getting 100% of the snaps. Pringle in on 3 WR sets. Hardman not even sniffing the field outside of kickoff and punt returns.
  6. Not at all. Reagor overlaps more with DJax, while Fulgham more closely with Alshon. Reagor: 5'11" 196 Fulgham: 6'2" 216
  7. Great point. Also, with Fulgham's size (especially compared to Ward & DJax), he could be used even more inside and down the middle now with Ertz out (and presumably Goedert still a few weeks away). He could be used as the de facto TE on a lot of their alignments.
  8. Completely agree. I think you misunderstood me. I was responding to the concern of Bradberry shadowing Fulgham. Look at Bradberry's stats this year, he has been elite and shut down basically everyone. My comment was to the point that DJax is expected to return (which he is), would that mean Bradberry will cover him more often? At least enough to where he isn't completely shadowing Fulgham.
  9. Guys, we're way past this now. Minor ankle sprain, expected to be questionable and a game-time decision. Definitely not a high ankle sprain, nor a 4-6 week recovery. Let's move on, and see what the practice reports are this week.
  10. DJax is expected back for Thursday's game. Any chance Bradberry covers him more extensively?
  11. “Minor” ankle sprain according to Schefter. Expected to be questionable for Sunday.
  12. Miles Sanders and Ertz getting MRIs. They need bodies.
  13. Good enough today. Not great. Those 2 goal line stuffs just inches away from a TD turn this into a great game.