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  1. this is akin to putting a SP in a RP slot in weekly leagues, don't see a problem with it if league has the designation, it's fair game
  2. Jose Leclerq dominated after he got closer: 12 saves, 29 k's, 0.00 era, 0.50 whip, that was from my team log he may have gotten another save
  3. 3rd place ...I will take it, spent first half of season in last place. Top 3 places were all decided on the last day, I had run out of pitcher innings and moves on saturday, 2 lower place teams stole points away from guy I beat out, was hairy and stressful. Thumbs up to waiver pick ups Buehler, Mondesi, Marquez, Leclerq. Correa my worst pick in second round. Khris Davis in round 7 and Bauer in round 14 my best. more big busts were Knebel, Keuchel and Castillo but waiver wire and this great forum saved my butt more than a few times
  4. yup, I did same, but maybe they're resting alvarado after he pitched yesterday, but what a mess figuring out this team past month
  5. wake up CC, 1 HR/79 at at bats .177 avg past 30 days, what a letdown
  6. No Romo Seriously tho, maybe they have a start planned for him or its rotating committee now, frustrating
  7. Leclerc also been elite since getting closer spot
  8. Strickland with the save this time, frustrating situation
  9. Smith hasn't let up an earned run in a couple of weeks, but not top shelf stuff past few games