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  1. Thanks for your help, I was thinking the same thing, it would be wise to have Penny but he doesnt own him. That would need to be another trade.
  2. The Conner and Carson owner in our league started off slow, they are looking for #1 WR We are discussing this trade: I offer Julio and Michel for Carson, Robert Woods and Miles Sanders. Do you think this trade will help my team? My RBs are Chubb, Michel and Breida. Chubb is the best part of the Browns offense but thats not saying much. My receivers are Julio, Godwin, Chark, Hollywood Brown, Kirk and Samuel. Julio has been struggling along with the Falcons offense. Id rather keep Godwin. The other option is to go for Conner. I like Carson more RoS though.
  3. Id go Ekler, Waller , Fitz who will rack up the receptions.
  4. even though phili D is strong against the run, id never bench Bell, cooks may or may not get his targets as Goff is in a slump
  5. of course he is, but without an injury to cook mattison is not worth much, i wouldnt consider if i had depth at RB but Breida is serviceble and Michel may turn things around
  6. its in the sig but here it is again: QB: Mayfield, Brissett RB: Chubb, Chris Thompson, Ronald Jones, Mattison, WR: Julio Jones, Godwin, Kirk, Samuel, Chark TE: Kittle, Herndon K: Tucker Def: Patriots Half PPR 12 Team League Starting: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 R/W/T, 1 K, 1 DST
  7. I was offered Breida, Michel and Hollywood Brown for Ronald Jones And Alex Mattison... he is the cook owner. is this a good trade for me given my thin RB situation?
  8. Should I go for the following: Trade away D. Freeman and Demaryus Thomas for Lev Bell and Larry Fitz? Im currently 2-1 so im not really desperate but it would be interesting to get Bell onboard for a playoff run (in case I make it).
  9. Who do i start Ryan vs the saints at home or stafford vs NE at home... cant make up my mind
  10. i need to roll with 2 of the above, which 2 would you pick?
  11. im facing the same choice, im going with Alfred Morris, looking for a higher ceiling with the higher TD potential
  12. Allen has the better matchup and situation , stewart is a close second
  13. already benching thielen with the bradford situation, im worried about howard's shoulder, so im thinking of starting cohen or kupp.