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  1. Yep figured it out last night! Thanks!
  2. R u saying chase Edmonds for Lamar?? thats a YES
  3. I can’t have Dalton in my team. I would choose between Wentz and Minshew. Neither great but at times shine. I can’t remember last time Dalton shined.
  4. I have Patrick from DEN game postponed so I picked up Smith for NO with Thomas out. I also have Chargers DST stashed for next week against Jets. Our DST rules are brutal 21 pts 0 28 pts -7 35 pts -15 and no good teams on FA. We only have three bench spots. I need to pick up kicker. Do I drop Patrick or Chargers to pick up kicker for Monday or Tuesday game? I have Adams and Ridley as WRs.
  5. For the record I have Mixon Hunt and Taylor
  6. But to use #1 waiver? problem is we only have three bench spots D Ernest J Jackson J Kelly D Harris all are available
  7. I have #1 waiver I also have Hunt. It looks like Ernest is top rated add for the week. Is there anything out there worth using #1 waiver? WHIR
  8. Godwin has to be started as much as Winston throws the ball. he roasted for me for 48 earlier this year and did same last we with lots of other good output.
  9. I’m gonna say Carson brown and crowder. I think brown has big potential down the stretch.
  10. Yes agree mclaurin can’t sit your rb based on volume of touches compared to others
  11. I’d go with Gurley for volume of touches.