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  1. Godwin has to be started as much as Winston throws the ball. he roasted for me for 48 earlier this year and did same last we with lots of other good output.
  2. I’m gonna say Carson brown and crowder. I think brown has big potential down the stretch.
  3. Yes agree mclaurin can’t sit your rb based on volume of touches compared to others
  4. I’d go with Gurley for volume of touches.
  5. I like Williams and Diggs for sure thanks for help
  6. Ok need to decide who to bench?? Drake Vs Rams McCoy Vs OAK Will Fuller IV @ NE Sanders @ Balt Lockett vs Minn 1/2 PPR currently I have McCoy OUT but had fuller out earlier. I’m concerned McCoy will be hindered by pace of game a fumble or injury perhaps. I have to Win. post link!!
  7. Which QB is best option? None are great! J. Brissett vs JAX Nick Foles @ IND Wentz vs NE Cousins vs DET Trubisky @ LAR Fitz vs BUF Finley @ OAK
  8. photos from practic lockett in there
  9. seems good to go
  10. I like Gordon and Henry here as well
  11. So our league has some crazy scoring on defense. 21 Pts allowed 0 pts 28 Pts allowed -7 pts 35 Pts allowed -15 pts who to play this week? Rams @ SF miami @ Washington New Orleans @ jax Philly @ Minn steelers @ chargers no defense already screwed but TNF need a win and some points
  12. Josh Gordon @WAS Sanders @ LAC or Robinson vs Indy SNF Gordon has best matchup but could quickly be a blow out. please help!
  13. I too agree with the above
  14. So kittle Peterson for gronk and Coleman ? I get kittle and AP
  15. I give Brady and Ridley in return I get Mahomes. Is this worth it? Is this fair or unfair?? Who is getting better end or even? Thanks!
  16. I was typing the same thing no gain here
  17. I only picked up NE for this week against buffalo. I wasn’t aware Allen rob may not play. New England is a much better play. We get 0 for 21 pts allowed -8 for 28 pts and -15 for 35 pts. I feel like the panthers are gonna score this week. So i understand what you are saying but not dropping Baltimore
  18. I only have 3 bench spots. Bench: Ridley Coleman Balt dst