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  1. "Tibial plateau fractures may be associated with injury to nearby structures including vasculature, nerves, ligaments, menisci, and adjacent compartments. While minimal tibial plateau fractures with no associated injuries can be safely managed non-operatively, typically this injury requires orthopedic consultation and operative management." Source:
  2. Bones don't magically heal faster, and ligament damage is ligament damage.
  3. That's what I see him as. A QB that can provide you a steady baseline that you can start in leagues where your opponents teams are weak and the rest of your lineup is strong.
  4. If Edelman were to get hurt, it wouldn't hurt to have a share of this guy. (I know a lot of people would say James White, but he won't catch all those extra balls) As a Josh Gordon owner, I just rostered Dorsett so he can't be used against me.
  5. I think it depends on if he has the hot hand. If he's being a natural born leader out there, and doing it consistently, and winning, moving that offense each game, I can't see Coughlin not backing him.
  6. Haha yeah, I just don't like posting inaccurate info so when someone mentioned I'd been mistaken I wanted to get that corrected.
  7. I was in the middle of looking it up when my phone reached 0% battery. It overheats when it charges, so then I had to put it in the refrigerator (seriously, every time) before I could boot it back up after letting it charge back to 50%.
  8. Yeah, he couldn't just send a text to his inner circle in a separate series of messages between him, his "private investigators", and his lawyer? Nah, he's trying to show her he has power and people will say "yes sir" to him because he has the money to pay them, that they'll do his bidding if he decides to say the word. Any other argument is B.S.
  9. It's the whole point of an intimidation tactic. He pulls up a picture of her kids during a conversation with her and tells some shadowy figures to "look into this" right in front of her. All of us know exactly what he was aiming for by using this tactic in that conversation: intimidating her. It's not that much more subtle than the blunt way Tyreek Hill chose to phrase it:
  10. Might have gotten my wires crossed on that, not 100% positive without checking.
  11. Come on, he's clearly threatening to send the goon squad out. That kind of behavior is ridiculous. His own lawyer (who Brown roped into the above group text session) even publically stated "I never advised Antonio to contact her". His own lawyer clearly wants to distance himself from this behavior.
  12. I don't see why we can't expect that same DD TD upside on a per-game basis once he's back to full health. Who else in Rivers offense is he realistically competing with for receiving TDs? And obviously each injury is unique, but my dad had a tibea plateau fracture on his knee, and it came with ligament damage too. That had him laid up for months. 4-6 weeks seems entirely too optimistic from my experience. I'd say they'd be lucky to have him (Hunter Henry) back for the last few weeks of the season.
  13. Someone in my friends-and-family league dropped him last week after the injury news and I scooped him right up. I actually threw him out there this past weekend over Josh Gordon solely because of his TD upside potential. I mean, he scored double-digit TDs last season, and now they've lost Hunter Henry? Rivers has a history of throwing TDs to large outside receivers (Vincent Jackson / Malcom Floyd), so this is a very very ideal situation for Mike Williams. Even if it were an MCL sprain requiring holding onto him for 4-6 weeks, I would, and I rarely do that for most players.