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  1. 3.64 pitches per plate appearance last year. He was very efficient. So i don't think the walks going up, unless a change in approach that also leads to a K%. They could be going down as he matures. The Sinker, while not good for Whiffs, had a -3 Launch Angle against RHH. 8 of his 9 HRs off sinkers came against lefties. He might evole to pitch more backwards against LHH and get even better. His Slider and Change are both legit whiff pitches.
  2. Decent odds the Orioles closer could be someone they claim off waivers this year. At least after April. Elias has been pretty aggressive is using their perpetually high wavier priority. Givens was a better RP when he was used situational vs RHP. His numbers have been bleh when they stopped using him situationally and gave him a defined inning role in 2018 and 2019. Could be Havery too.
  3. Permissible? You can say whatever you want. I'm conveying an opinion about someone else opinion. It's like listening to a rich person who's house got robbed and they start demanding retributions that have zero precedent. We didn't strip roid users of awards. So, why here? When the benefits are even less provable? His numbers improved both at home and road from 2017-2018. The best # you can tangably point too is Betts 4% difference in BB rate between road and home in 2018. When he did not have such a split in 2019. Even that is still not objective proof due the random nature of baseball numbers. He inferenced that is was a major boost though and used 2017 has his baseline(his down year) Painting that narrative to it's extreme. If he had suggested a small boost. I wouldn't bother saying anything because that isn't really dis-agreeable.
  4. You Yankee fans are really taking it up a notch in terms of being obnoxious about this.
  5. Yes. Hit Tool is hardest for scouts to get right though. Swing, Swing path, quick wrists, barrel control, ball to all fields. Things that help a players chances of being a batting champ for sure. Yet, a players hand to eye coordination will never be truly tested until he's faced the best. He was in a very low percentile for Z-Contact last year. Which means his whiffing was not just an issue of a rookie chasing bad pitches. He was whiffing pitches that he should hit. Having a longer load for more power? Perhaps. I personally find it optimistic is assume a .280 BA if he still has a max power approach.
  6. That looks more like a list of the best power hitters. Think everyone question is more about batting average. That very site you are pulling this data from gives him a .266 xBA.
  7. Astro's sign stealing had diminished returns by 2019. Other teams had a clue by then.
  8. Interesting switch hitter. Hits for batting average with his right handed swing (.321 BA, 20%K, 2 HRs, .127 ISO) Hits for power with his left handed swing. (.217 BA 31%K 26 HRs, .193 ISO) Guessing he's a natural right hander that teams have spent way more effort into his left handed power swing. So you can either hope he learns hit for power with the right handed swing, or average with the left handed swing. I'd lean towards better power output with the right handed swing if anything changes. Making him a 20/20 threat, but not really any gains in BA.
  9. I'm sure none of those players will ever get hurt thanks to their A+ training and medical staff.
  10. Sure, but it gives you added complexity to make it harder to steal your signs. Does it really harm the game to have the catchers mask with a communication device embedded?
  11. That's like saying "You must not believe theft is a bad thing" when I note that you shouldn't leave your car unlocked.
  12. It's a big deal for the game, but it's more a sign of baseball as a sport being behind the times, while the world evolves around them. So in an X's and O's sense. Sign stealing is worse, It's also a baseball only problem, that it could address. Where the steroids problem was less in a X's and O's sense but had a more morally wrong sense. Where everyone in any competitive sport agrees its bad.
  13. Reason 1A is willfully ignoring the IFA market. Almost every other team in baseball has 2 major resources for new young talent and the Orioles just did no care about investing in 50% of it. Then of the course reason 1B is having no clue how to develop pitchers. Lots of other reasons, but those were the main ones.
  14. I agree he isn't a top prospect and even the Rays themselves agreed. As they also asked for J Mart and a draft bump. You have to understand low minors pitching prospects are the highest risk of them all. So is a little of dividing up Liberatores value into J-Mart, Comp pick. With a little bit of an agreement upon risk that comes with a pitching prospect who is still levels from the majors. That being said, they obviously think more of Arozanrea then a "generic depth piece". The Rays took from a farm system that has a track un-rated prospects that turn into productive MLBers. The argument "they could have done this mid-season" only has merit if Arozanrea is just a 4th OF. Had he hit the ground running and forced his way into more PT with the Cardinals. They can't make that trade anymore. I'm personally not going to make a judgement on this trade until we see Arozanrea play enough. We've seen scouts and the consensus whiff on guys and we've seen "smart" organizations make bad trades. I didn't know a ton about Arozanrea, but he does look very interesting from a hitting metrics standpoint. Though AAA numbers last year are useless.