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  1. The Collective Barging agreement was about X revenue sharing. Not about how many games they played. MLB has revenue that is independent of X games play into the equation. That is why this logic does not fly. Major sports do NOT operate under a normal business model. Normal business model allows an employee to quit and join a competitor at any time. Universal Player Contracts do not allow free will employment. It ties them to one team. The players gave away those rights for benefits, like being able to scale pay based off revenue.
  2. The Owners are being more un-reasonable because they have the edge in leverage. This is just the nature of the beast. Don't see it as one side is better then another.
  3. Cali, Texas, Florida, Arizona are all starting to see the rise in cases per day.
  4. My understanding is because the internet and social media age required quickness. Dedication to fact checking took a major hit for awhile despite having the internet to fact check faster in theory. Now some are trying to make strides again in fact checking techniques since this their integrity took a shot.
  5. A lot this from the start was people being skeptical of something new that they didn't fully understand. The way you are painting things in that first sentence I do not like at all. Yes, there was agency in some of it, but not as much as you think. The idea that people are dying because they are too scared to go the hospitals right now makes some sense.(Or only show up when it's to late) Why they are dying might be COVID, or it could be something else that would have been preventable to they seeked more timely medical care. So overall deaths would be up regardless. This is before any assumption of agenda's being pushed from right or left. Personally, i'm not informed enough to know if these deaths are like say 90% COVID, 10% other, or 70-30, 60-40 or whatever. Maybe you feel you are, which I would be more then willing to listen to. You could argue it doesn't matter because it's all a function of the COVID outbreak and collateral damages count. We do know it's a fact a lot of hospitals are cutting hours that are not in an epicenter of it. So less overall care to the population is happening. Presume most is trival checks ups, but not all.
  6. Don't think anyone is actually taking sides like you say here. You proposed an idea that its weird to take the sides of millionaires. Where as I find the opposite is probably true. Just about every poster here agrees the way Snell said things was in poor judgement.
  7. You are shocked we would side AGAINST billionaires? Okie Dokie. Not disputing his words lacked tact. All your point can be applied the billionaires who don't bother to be charitable. Ones who actually have power to help those in need right now. Not just sympathy by being quiet.
  8. Doctors have a collective bargaining power that is essential for the entire system to work? Baseball's anti-trust exemption is dependent upon the players having a strong union that can collectively bargain. A Doctor has a right to go find greener pastures because health care is a competitive market. Baseball players only viable alternative is to go over-sea's.
  9. MD's are not usually psychologists or economists. Policy making is requires knowledge of a much wider knowledge base. You can still critique how this is being handled while not dis-missing the experts in the field of biology/healthcare/virology. Fields that have more of a foundation in the scientific method then political science/policy making and even psychology.
  10. My fringe understanding is Due to being able transmit by talking and breathing. Most virus's need you to at least cough or sneeze. While COVID can avoiding/delaying an immune response quite a bit while it hyper replicates. Which results in A-symptomatic carrier trait we are familiar with.
  11. That trade has played itself out for a few years now. Part of the reason for trying this process was because of Scandinavian culture.The people were not just going to act like nothing is happening. Lets be clear, this was always going to be a really bad process for western Europe and US. The wave of people clamoring for re-opening is only going to get more aggressive the longer this goes. Sure, if we do this right, we only have to do this once. That might not jive with human nature/psychology. Will these anti virals be enough to lower the death rate to curve the cumulative deaths of a 2nd wave that faucci seems to think is likely? I don't find that answer to be as obvious as a trade who's results have been playing out for years now. Maybe you do.
  12. Maybe it will be. I'm certainly skeptical, but you can't really know if it worked until this is over. It's pretty obvious that the numbers were going to be high in the early stages and i'm sure they knew that.
  13. Well right now it's a self fulfilling prophecy. Meat is running low because people buying so much of it. Thanks to being told of the shortage. \ You would still have fairly full meat cases today if there was no news of this happening. It would have been down the road things would have gotten thin. Though stores would have started rationing to spread out the supply. With the hyper demand, rationing attempts basically mean empty shelves.. I'm a Butcher, btw.
  14. It's still a bad comparison because the person going out is not the one shouldering the risk. It's every one he is ever in contact with. Which is way more then the average passenger capacity of a given car on the road.
  15. I thought it was also predicated on getting heard immunity quicker? In that sense, we won't know if what they did worked or not for over a year. Or at least until we start hearing their hospitals being so overrun it's leading to excess deaths via lack of treatment.
  16. You end up calling thousands of lives marginal when you boil it down to percentages. Is that the angle you want to go?
  17. Nothing I said requires special knowledge. Maybe a bit in bat biology?
  18. We are talking about a virus that evovled to survive a bats super immune system. I'm far more afraid a mutation that makes it worse for people. Current wisdom suggests it has little pressures to mutate much in either direction because of how infectious it is though. Long term? Not Sure.
  19. The one of biggest dangers is traveling. If there is a second wave this fall heading into the winter. I do have a hard time seeing 2021 baseball being back to normal. At least on opening day. That being said I'm 100% confident in some form of MLB baseball all year. It just might be Arizona based the first month or so to avoid travel/fans. No noteable second wave. Probably would attempt a 100% back to normal try. The MLB by 2021 will have already seen NFL, NHL and NBA plans of action by next year to base a plan off of.
  20. Blood cloths are's presumed to be a side effect of a cytokine storm. Which is your immune system overreacting to a virus. Just like the inflammation in your lungs. Theory/speculation: If the those anti bodies results are even half right (say half are just false positives) The overall chances of the most extreme form of a blood clot like a stroke is still extremely rare. That the reports are it's affecting younger people could be part survivor bias. I.E. the older/at risk who get an extreme case usually die/critical condition from the acute respiratory aspect before there is any chance of this. Given lots of medical care to calm the symptoms. Where younger people who are not struggling. Don't bother to get medical attention. So the most extreme cases are left to progress to such levels. Just speculation with only passive knowledge here. Could be wrong, take it with a grain of salt.
  21. Probably due to America's size. The infection is going to have a slower momentum then in individual European countries.
  22. That would mean it's working because otherwise the cases per day would still be growing, not stabilizing.
  23. The better at preventing the spread, the less testing you need to do.
  24. Yes. That also helps. Multiple factors are in play. These don't have contradict.