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  1. Don't get me wrong...I'm not a fan of trading Acuna in a dynasty either. That being said, Trout and Lindor along with 2 guys that could be very good for a few years is quite a haul. Is this league an OBP league? If not, I think Lindor's value actually increases even more. Lindor is 26 and is a proven performer at an extremely high level. Comparing the minor league numbers of Bichette and Lindor is completely irrelevant to me. Lindor was supposed to be primarily a glove guy like Omar Vizquel. Oops. They completely missed on that one (which happens). The reality is that Lindor is young and great. Additionally, he may not be with the Indians for much longer. Can you imagine if Lindor hits 2nd or 3rd in the Yankees lineup for the next 7 years??? That's been the speculation for a few years now. Yankee bound?? Like I said, I believe you can make a case that Trout/Lindor > Acuna/Bichette in a dynasty. Bichette will probably be very good, but he is still unproven. The wild card(s) in the deal are the "other" players. Let's not forget that Kluber was not right physically last year. If he can return to anywhere close to his dominant form, his numbers can certainly rival those of Scherzer. Additionally, Villar has been outstanding the last few seasons. Yes he's 29. Yes he should be slowing down. The reality is that he stole 40 bases last year and shows no signs of slowing down. As I said, I would side SLIGHTLY with the Acuna side, but it's extremely close .
  2. I would be very tempted by the deal. I think it boils down to Trout and Lindor vs. Acuna and Bichette. You could make a strong case that the Trout/Lindor side wins that part of the deal. Scherzer has shown definite chinks in the armor. Daynlokki...No disrespect, but I'm not sure what you got in that deal. You got several 2nd tier performers and gave up Acuna. I wouldn't have come close to that deal. I think that was a clear case of quantity over quality for sure IMO.
  3. Obviously with the buy-in, this is a league of owners that know what they are doing. Would you be willing to post "Draft Results" for the rest of us to view to possibly help with future drafts?
  4. We get to keep 14 players per year + 6 minors roster spots...20 total keepers per year.
  5. Absolutely pull the trigger especially if a keeper/dynasty. Even in a redraft, I'm doing it. It looks like a pretty shallow league, there may be some worthy SPs on the waivers.
  6. Assuming he won't move Lamet for Kepler. I like the trade for you (slightly). That beind said, I'm a big Glasnow guy and not sold on Soler repeating last year's performance.
  7. Unusual league. Head-to-Head categories. You only need 30 IP miniumum per week so the top SP are coveted but depth is not overly necessary. You can keep a player forever with no consequences. I currently have Degrom and Buehler. I generally use only 2 SP a week (along with relievers) and stream a guy as necessary on occasion. I also have a very deep minors system in Luzardo, Gore, and Patino. I give Oscar Mercado and Luzardo. I get Austin Meadows. I know it's an overpay, but as I said, I feel like I can afford it given the league settings and my depth in the minors and studs in the majors. Thougths? WHIR
  8. This season...Pearson Long term...Gore slightly
  9. "I love this trade for Acuna side. first u get 3 real MLB players for JoRam and a bunch of high prospects. Prospects are made to be traded. After the trade u can pick up replacement prospects with ur empty roster spots heck the other guy prolly has to cut 4 players anyway to make numbers work. Knowing u built a farm system that netted u Acuna should encourage u to rebuild and reload when u trade for another top young outfielder in 2023 julio rodriguez." Playing Devil's Advocate...I'm not sure I would call Puk and/or Kopech "real MLB players" as of yet. While I suppose you would argue that they have pitched in the majors, they have thrown a combined 25 innings or so and both have had significant arm issues. Side note...Rodriguez will debut before 2023. Again...I'm on the Acuna side but I would agree with Hootie...I think there is a solid chance (40% or so) that the JRam side wins this long term.
  10. Ray Butler has Rodriguez at #2 and Luciano at #5 in his "Projected Top 2021 Prospects." Personally, I would take both over the list you gave with the exception of possibly Adell and Robert... That being said, I do agree. I am on the Acuna side also but only slightly. This closer than it might appear.
  11. We added a "Loss" category as well so slow down/discourage the streaming of random pitchers. We added a category to the hitters to offset this. We added total bases.
  12. Dynasty league Head-to-Head Keep a player forever with no consequences I currently have both Gore and Luzardo. Luis Patino just hit the waiver wire. I really like him also. I probably will put in a claim for him. That will give me deep SP in my minors. I getting ready to offer Luzardo and D. Carlson for Luis Robert. Considering I have Gore (and possibly Patino), am I crazy for considering making this offer? Note: This is an OBP league which I think lowers Robert's value slightly.
  13. I'll say even with CJ it's 2 miles. Side A, and it's not close!
  14. Dynasty I'm assuming? You have very little OF depth as I see it. I suppose you could move Merrifield to the OF. However, from a pure talent standpoint for this year, I like the T. Story/Bieber trade the best of those listed. Long term, I like the Franco/Bichette trade. Would he be willing to throw in a 3rd player (midrange OF) just for depth?
  15. Keep a player forever...No consequences. Weekly Head-to-Head League. 30 innings pitcher minimum per week. I'm getting ready to offer... B. Harper, Luzardo, and Dylan Carlson for Bellinger. Am I overpaying? No giving enough? I currently have Adell and M. Gore in my minors so I think I'm OK trading Carlson and Luzardo. I also currently have DeGrom and W. Buehler. In addition, with only 30 IP per week minimum, SP pitching depth is not critical. Thoughts? WHIR