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  1. PPR...Rest of season. Alshon Jeffery or Marquez Valdes - Scantling Who would you get? Both are on waivers. Jeffery's owners gave up on him quickly
  2. Did you read that he might be done for the year, or are you just speculating?
  3. Roto league. Looking for wins and Ks without killing ratios.
  4. Back Tuesday and possible 2 start week. Worth a pickup? I know he threw 6 shutout in his last AAA start. Anyone know anything about his stuff?
  5. Is there any way to pause the draft if it gets too late?
  6. Let me know if you have spots. Any additional thoughts on draft time/date?
  7. That works if you have a waiting list of some sort
  8. I will pay via Leaguesafe but not if you're full obviously.
  9. I can join right now if that gets us to an even number, and we can kick off the draft almost immediately
  10. How many are currently in? Any way we could do it by 10 PM EST tonight? If not, I would prefer late tomorrow night I suppose.
  11. And...I'm on the Leaguesafe page and do not see the settings. I have not paid yet. How do you view the settings?