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  1. George Iloka done for the year as well. If you were not on board before, I don’t know what you are waiting for. The Viking are clearly packing it up for the season. Every reason to get the young stud involved more and more.
  2. 3 out of the 4 weeks he has started JJ has produced. The 1 bad week he was open for big plays and one play Cousins under threw him for an interception, the other, Cousins had pressure in his face and could not make the throw. Both could have been big gains. He gets open easy, the production will be there. If you are stacked at WR, and considering he was a late pick or waiver add that is a possibility, take the production or trade someone for upgrades. I am done starting JuJu Smith-Putrid. Jefferson has earned my trust.
  3. He has had the opportunities, but Wentz has missed him on easy throws. If Wentz can turn things around it will be a boost to all involved.
  4. The guys I am trying to target in my keepers leagues are, in no particular order -Jefferson (his stock is high now, but I picked him up off waivers before he went off) - Jeudy (might be on waivers, he will be better when Lock gets back) - Reager - Hardman - Pittman - Chase Edmonds - JK Dobbins - Swift - McFarland
  5. Stafford as my other QB. Golladay, JuJu, Cook and Pittman are my WR’s
  6. Team in my league is having QB issues and is looking to grab Big Ben off of me. My Big Ben, Gibson, and JuJu for His Carson and A-Rob I know Carson has put up points but worried about his injury history. How has he looked this year? A-Rob is a buy low candidate for me at this point. Should I wait on Gibson’s upside or go with the better offense with Carson I guess is the dilemma I am having. My other 2 RB’s are CEH and Miles Sanders, so Carson would be a very nice flex play for me in a standard league. Appreciate the feedback
  7. Gibson is so polarizing, and I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I much rather have him sitting on my bench half the season than regret not taking a chance on a lottery ticket. You should have enough depth to wait it out, if you don’t ... shame on you. He was dropped in my keeper league and I will be aggressively going after him. Talent usually wins out. Washington believes that when they released AP. I don’t think they want to put everything on his shoulders right away. It’s a lot easier to tell Barber to hold a clip board when they want to take the reigns off than AP. Hold on, he will have his blowup game and we will be happy.
  8. I think I would have Hunt in over Fournette. The Jags have quit on their coach.
  9. Wr2- McLaurin or Pascal? Flex - Lev Bell vs Balt or Laird vs NYG? please help whir
  10. Close but I like Ty this week. Can’t trust Tannehill after one week.
  11. Take Chubb. Although DJ has put up decent numbers I don’t see the same player and Edmonds has proven to be good enough to eat into his workload a bit. Take it and run.