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  1. What do you use to collect and preserve entry fees? Leaguesafe seems to be the logical means, as you are asking complete strangers to trust you'll handle funds properly and payout at seasons end. Been scammed before, unfortunately, so cant trust anyone at this point. Would be interested If you convert.
  2. Could be the worst orphan team ive seen so far this year. Complete rebuild there, with no shot at competing for some time.
  3. Is this team filled ? I'll keep looking .
  4. I'm interested in open team(with Lamar) in Mass. league. Email me the league safe and link to join at m.diantonio11@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  5. Hey, we heard you the 4th time ! Try adding something useful or move along.
  6. Rain in forecast in Philly for MNF , if that helps. I'd lean towards Wentz in (another) must win game. lol. Guice vs Gb , unless Cook is a inactive. I have Mattison on my bench all season , and now 1st rd of playoffs I may get to play him. Will be a game time decision in Minn.
  7. I have to decide between Miller and/or ARob tonight , or play just one of the two and go with AJ Brown, Slayton or Ty Williams ?
  8. I would add AB , as I drafted in an auction in mid Aug. The Following week he skips out on OAK. Timing is everything. (In 2018 , I drafted Bell in Mid Aug draft. The rest is .....kiss my a** Bell! Anyway, You take risks in high stakes leagues because competition is strong. Swing and a miss on both .
  9. Ty Williams , Slayton, and A Rob. I just cant play both bears on a Thur night, can I? I hate these games.
  10. Waller could be recipient of those short range passes, now that Renfrow is out. Good luck. Also, I hope they go to Ty Williams(I'm starting as of now), as well , in that regard. Carr worries me in this very windy game. Of course, I'm starting Mahomes, in biggest week of yr , and game is calling for 25mph sustained winds , gust over 40 mph. Run Patrick Run! sure.
  11. I remember, unfortunately . I hate this $%^& anymore. You draft well , but it all comes down to luck and staying healthy, as usual. My luck has run out in all but one league and now weather is going to screw with my lineup. Wonderful!
  12. AJ Brown seems to have nice connection with Tannehill. You need to temper expectations in gb/nyg game, due to bad weather all game. I have Slayton and Brown in my lineups , as I sat A Miller and A Rob on Sunday. Brilliant job of overthinking it!. Good luck!
  13. My only concern today, is how much the weather will effect the scoring and passing offenses. Windy 20mph with T storms possible. Winston not the most accurate in normal conditions. You still play your best player(Godwin). Its week 13 .
  14. I was planning on it , as I anticipated points today , but now with 25 mph sustained winds and gusts over 40mph, how can I trust Carr?
  15. in ffpc playoffs and up 9pts with Kupp and Tucker vs opponent w/ L Jackson Could be an early elimination unless Rams can find way to contain him.