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  1. I agree. But the obvious problem remains Damien has been too good. I agree with the generally dour outlook in here for LeSean's SB. Damien would have to get dinged up for him to get much run - assuming he's actually active. I have to think he will be for the SB - be very surprised if he wasn't.
  2. Eli was a compiler. He did win 2 SBs. Without those trophies he wouldn't be in the discussion, because his career stats for the most part were meaningless - the result of his playing for umpteen years and was lucky enough not to get injured. He was a decent QB, but if he gets in the HOF he'll be the worst QB there by quite a long way imo. Compiler - with a socially acceptable last name.
  3. Agreed. Rodgers appears checked out and even LaFleur seems to think most of the team is checked out. It's nice they won 13 games but I think the way they went out pretty much validates the quote above. GB would have been put out of their misery in the Divisional if any of SEA's top 14 RB options were healthy.
  4. Why are there two threads for the same topic, especially in such a slow time of the season. Anyway - the Pack got their a** kicked.
  5. ? It's one of the more interesting threads right now with things winding down. How he comes through this latest episode will have a lot to do with his "2020 Outlook". He could definitively be knocked out of any sort of chance to play again, in which case the thread will die on its own. Until that happens though he could still potentially play somewhere in the league next year.
  6. I don't own in a Dynasty - wish I did. Dude has all the tools to be a top 5-10 WR for years to come.
  7. Nowhere in this long post is mentioned that he played at least half the year (at least) with a hernia. He did clear 1000 yards in spite of that and continued to play to the bitter end. I get that he's had two lost years - that's the truth and I feel it as a dynasty owner. He just had surgery for this issue today, so it's not a fake injury. I get that he needs to have a big year in 2020 - and I think he will if he stays healthy. I saw mention of OBJ v Adams. Of course you take Adams before OBJ. That's a matter of QBs. Rodgers is clearly declining but he's still able to get the ball to Adams - Rodgers has a ton more cache than Mayfield at this point and deservedly so. All I'm saying is selling OBJ low after two injury-soiled years would be a mistake - just my opinion. He's still young enough to string together some elite seasons,
  8. Well, assuming that's true, the next question becomes "when did this CTE 'kick in'". Because he's been an a** for a long long time. It could be he's just an a** - that's every bit as likely imo.
  9. I'm sure there's not much I'm saying that hasn't been said but still have to say - this dude is one of the most talented QBs I've seen going into my 40th year following the NFL. He's gone from the bench to MVP of the league in a couple of years. He's only 24 which is mind-blowing for that kind of instant success. He seems to be a pretty mature dude - for the sake of the game I hope he manages to keep his head on straight. If he does, he's the next Montana/Brady/Elway/Manning in terms of being a playoff fixture which does inevitably lead to compiler-mode considering how young he is - sky's the limit. RE: his less-than-expected 2019 - he had a high ankle sprain and then a dislocated kneecap early in the year - pretty bad one-two punch. He's been fortunate due to his youth in particular in being able to actually come back from those injuries and it does appear he feels as healthy as he has all year.
  10. If he's activated I think he does something. Darwin plays STs I understand but I think McCoy will get some chances in what could be his last game. There's no way Reid denies him the chance to play in a SB imo. Hard to underestimate what he "could" do if he gets that chance.
  11. Big whoop. Only cosmetic points are being scored now for either team.