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  1. Just like last week I need to hear/see more. That strategy didn't work out so well last week as I heard nothing so went chalk (McKinnon). In reality if I'd gone Hasty it would not have been a "week winning" move as he was not used all that much - he scored as a RB3 in standard - which of course would have been better than a negative heh heh. If Coleman is NOT ready my dice roll is on Hasty this time around.
  2. I don't have him so don't know how he's scoring but man he sucks as bad as ever. He is missing throws with regularity in this game. Easy throws.
  3. I would not be surprised if this were a game where Bell would be "featured". It's the Jest - he will get his numbers. Naturally Bell is going to want to stick it to Gase and whether he's washed or not the Jest D is one that gives opponents everything their hearts desire . By the same token (the craptastic Jest token) MEH is going to get his too - it's inevitable if he gets even 10 touches the way he's running right now. Like last Sunday this game will be over by halftime. The real losers in this situation are - once again - Mahomes owners imo. Then Henne will get in and he'll look like a champ too. I think the next game on the schedule - Carolina - is when we finally see a serious deployment plan of these two backs.
  4. If Goff could throw the ball 5 yards to a wide open Brown that would not be true - but he can't so - great post!
  5. Holding in dynasty - but this is a lost season. That "OL" - let's just say no one's going to do much of anything behind what they're calling an "OL". Elliot is the only bankable asset here - and he's going to have his own problems.
  6. Reporters were unable to catch "jet" after he left the locker room this evening - back entrance:
  7. I'd be surprised if he does anything in this game now. Hasty is now in garbage time again.
  8. Jeff Wilson down w/some kind of leg injury.