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  1. I agree with you in Dynasty. Judge @ 100% in 2021 "should" be a beast and definitely has top 5 potential. This year - nah.
  2. For what it's worth my leagues (all 2) have voted to proceed with this abbreviated season. I'm still reserving the right to re-open the issue if there are mass-defections of blue-chip draft picks not playing. I'm very skeptical of the proceedings to say the least. Not sure why I'd play if I was making multi-millions per year per contract.
  3. Anyone hear any updates - it would be nice to know whether he is even considering playing this year.
  4. Yes I've arrived at that conclusion as well.
  5. If I were an owner I'd be voting to just scrap it. Having a dozen or even more players and/or staff fall ill in the course of this Mini-Putt-so-called-season would be a PR nightmare and not worth the hassle of playing 50-60 games. I don't see the point as a practical matter.
  6. I think a custom-fit girdle would really go a long way. I hope it works out.
  7. Wouldn't the length of time a "grievance" may take necessarily reduce the # of games played? ST can't start obviously until the grievance is settled and then let's say the players "win". All that does is mean they have to go back to the table. By this point - why bother. ST needs to basically start NOW for this thing to get off the ground.
  8. Well, Goodell's job for the NFL has always been characterized as "Protect the Shield". A deal that gets the product on the field is his top concern assuming he has a similar role. I don't know why a commissioner is even needed if he doesn't have autonomy from either side. Selig is the antithesis of this of course - his "temporary" stint as commish went on for quite a while, while he also owned a team. Manfred is a career exec guy unaffiliated w/a team IIRC.
  9. I think that's a little harsh. His job is to facilitate a deal. Considering what's at stake both sides are willing to tank an entire season. That's a tough choice to make and I'm not sure what he's going to say to change anyone's mind if they're so bent on self-destruction.
  10. Not that simple for me although I understand what you're saying. I have a lot of long-time owners and I can't/don't make unilateral decisions. To my surprise most owners want a go at it even at 48 games. I only commish re-drafts in baseball so that may explain it somewhat, but as I pointed out people want action. Easiest way to explain it haha.
  11. As a commish I just hope the season is scrapped at this point. A 48-game season would have asterisks (plural and numerous) before and after any stat generated - including whoever wins the Ship - real or not.
  12. I think this is correct. Just in my case I'm opening it up to owners in both my leagues as to whether we even have a season. To my surprise - so far at least (voting closes in a couple weeks) playing even a 50-game season is winning in the poll. "They (we)" (as you aptly call it) WANT ACTION - for however long. All of the owners are very cognizant that a season may not even happen in 2020 and are unanimously (so far) committing to 2021 - that is an option (to opt out) on the ballot - no takers. Roughly half of these owners have voted so far - 2 12-team leagues. So from what I've seen you nail it in the quoted post.
  13. Man - I'm not sure I agree more w/a single effing post in this entire thread. Yeah I'm a commish.
  14. Yeah in a post-ethical world this is all quite true. Believe it or not your post is quite cynical. The media was supposed to play an important role in the US. You literally claim here that is not true - and I must agree with that.
  15. Yeah I've made posts like this and been roasted for it - you likely will receive the same. In any case - I agree. Can't help it - been watching MLB for 40 years and agree.
  16. March 13 I was extremely skeptical, and the post being belittled is 10 days before that. 20/20 hindsight in the midst of this crap is vomit-worthy imo. Everyone needs to be given a break who had an opinion on this when it first started.
  17. I'm hanging onto this topic by a very slim thread. The more interesting stuff is in the Football forum frankly. I'm very concerned about MLB at this point - and not just for this season. They are committing suicide if they don't get a product out in June.
  18. Can't disagree w/anything you say; Post-Covid throws a big wrench into how things usually work though imo. The NFL Draft was very highly rated this year. Any type of new, "live" programming is going to be devoured in the post-Covid media environment. People now more than ever are ready to completely forget bout something that's not there in favor of what is. Loyalty is gone. In order for baseball to be seen it has to actually occur - no one is going to care if they can't make a bargain and that could be a death blow for the entire operation. If I was an owner I'd be concerned about this highly unusual situation and I'd want my product displayed in this environment one way or another.
  19. I think public pressure will have some impact - which will be very pro-player only because any obstacle to baseball being played is going to be the hated side from a publicity perspective. Owners care about publicity, ratings, other things that make money, etc.
  20. Agreed because if not - the season is over. P.S. - it's the only fair solution imo and thus the only realistic one.
  21. That was my impression the instant I read it. A la the NFL's (successful) proposal. Pretty funny.