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  1. On 1/24/2020 at 12:27 PM, nmartinez12443 said:

    To be honest when he has gotten the chance he has looked pretty great all season.

    I agree. But the obvious problem remains Damien has been too good. I agree with the generally dour outlook in here for LeSean's SB. Damien would have to get dinged up for him to get much run - assuming he's actually active. I have to think he will be for the SB - be very surprised if he wasn't.

  2. Eli was a compiler. He did win 2 SBs. Without those trophies he wouldn't be in the discussion, because his career stats for the most part were meaningless - the result of his playing for umpteen years and was lucky enough not to get injured.

    He was a decent QB, but if he gets in the HOF he'll be the worst QB there by quite a long way imo.

    Compiler - with a socially acceptable last name.

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  3. 2 hours ago, sSektor said:


    Look at the Packers schedule this year. Their crowning achievement was beating the Vikings twice. They got steamrolled by the 9ers in the regular season and barely beat the Chiefs without Mahomes. The rest of their schedule consisted of: the NFC east, the AFC west, and the Lions and Bears twice. LaFleur couldn't have asked for a better schedule as a first year HC and he probably would have gotten canned after 1 year if they didn't make the playoffs.

    Agreed. Rodgers appears checked out and even LaFleur seems to think most of the team is checked out. 

    It's nice they won 13 games but I think the way they went out pretty much validates the quote above.

    GB would have been put out of their misery in the Divisional if any of SEA's top 14 RB options were healthy.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Whitecloud0101 said:

    Surprised u guys haven’t got this thread locked up yet


    It's one of the more interesting threads right now with things winding down. How he comes through this latest episode will have a lot to do with his "2020 Outlook". He could definitively be knocked out of any sort of chance to play again, in which case the thread will die on its own. Until that happens though he could still potentially play somewhere in the league next year.

  5. On 1/20/2020 at 4:17 PM, dashoe said:


     I think the "talent" argument has been proven to be false this season. OBJ's talent did not overcome, bad coaching, poor QB chemistry, inability to capitalize on wr1 volume opportunity and the inability to dominate top corners.

    OBJ had opportunity with bad coaching and bad offensive play but he didnt execute.

    Based off of what we know from this past season and others, OBJ currently is at best a wr2 with wr1 potential if things break the right way.

    Personally talent is the least criteria when I draft as i focus more on situation+market share for fantasy.  

    On paper the Browns still have the same high quality talent on the roster but has the teams situation improved?

    That's the question that needs to be figured out in the offseason as a new coaching staff takes over.

    If someone wants to draft OBJ with high draft capital, i'm ok with that because you are betting that he will perform as the OBJ on the NYG's but for me he needs to priced as a wr2 in the 3rd rd before I bite. I hate betting high draft capital on unknown coaching staffs hired for bad teams. 

    My speculation is  a new HC  given the weak o-line pass protection is going to protect Mayfield, teach him to get rid of the ball quickly in a short passing game and run the ball a lot.  The Wr's wont see a ton of volume but will have the opportunity to make some big plays but i'm not sure that will be consistent enough to count on week to week. The Browns can run the ball but they had questionable play calling in the red zone. So no reason for a new HC to abandon the run game and air it out to feed obj more volume.

    Nowhere in this long post is mentioned that he played at least half the year (at least) with a hernia. He did clear 1000 yards in spite of that and continued to play to the bitter end. 

    I get that he's had two lost years - that's the truth and I feel it as a dynasty owner. 

    He just had surgery for this issue today, so it's not a fake injury. 

    I get that he needs to have a big year in 2020 - and I think he will if he stays healthy. 

    I saw mention of OBJ v Adams. Of course you take Adams before OBJ. That's a matter of QBs. Rodgers is clearly declining but he's still able to get the ball to Adams - Rodgers has a ton more cache than Mayfield at this point and deservedly so. 

    All I'm saying is selling OBJ low after two injury-soiled years would be a mistake - just my opinion. He's still young enough to string together some elite seasons,

  6. 10 minutes ago, Finisher said:

    After watching the Aaron Hernandez Netflix thing, starting to think Brown has CTE. Also on drugs, but the CTE would explain why he just literally can't control himself.

    Well, assuming that's true, the next question becomes "when did this CTE 'kick in'". Because he's been an a** for a long long time. It could be he's just an a** - that's every bit as likely imo.

  7. I'm sure there's not much I'm saying that hasn't been said but still have to say - this dude is one of the most talented QBs I've seen going into my 40th year following the NFL. He's gone from the bench to MVP of the league in a couple of years. He's only 24 which is mind-blowing for that kind of instant success. He seems to be a pretty mature dude - for the sake of the game I hope he manages to keep his head on straight. If he does, he's the next Montana/Brady/Elway/Manning in terms of being a playoff fixture which does inevitably lead to compiler-mode considering how young he is - sky's the limit.

    RE: his less-than-expected 2019 - he had a high ankle sprain and then a dislocated kneecap early in the year - pretty bad one-two punch. He's been fortunate due to his youth in particular in being able to actually come back from those injuries and it does appear he feels as healthy as he has all year.

  8. 29 minutes ago, JoeJoe88 said:

    I wouldn’t count on it. Even if he’s active, I don’t see him getting much run if any. Damien’s holding it down pretty well right now. 

    If he's activated I think he does something. Darwin plays STs I understand but I think McCoy will get some chances in what could be his last game. There's no way Reid denies him the chance to play in a SB imo. Hard to underestimate what he "could" do if he gets that chance.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, SyNdicateZ said:

    this tgread is only 3 pages long. If the Patriots were playing it wouid be atleast 6 pages long by now.

    Well sure we'd have at least 3 waste-of-time pages with people accusing the Pats of "cheating" on every successful play they have.

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  10. Both home teams are -7.5 according to a line I've used all season, so I imagine most lines are in the -6.5 to -8 or so range.

    Both of these matchups are rematches - TEN surprised KC at home wining 35-32 in Week 10. SF flattened GB 37-8 at home in Week 12. I think both matchups this week will be similar:

    TEN +7.5 (KC wins): Both catalysts in week 10 will be "catalyzing" again tomorrow imo. Mahomes had a trademark monster game (446 total yards (0 rushing BTW)/3 TDS). Likewise Henry (191 (3 rec)/2). Tannehill had minimal involvement but was very efficient (218 (37 rushing)/2 completing 13 of 18). 

    KC obviously has more firepower at WR and that unit could be the reason I'm wrong and KC blows this open - Tyreek went 160 (3 rushing)/1 while Hardman caught his only ball for a 63 yard TD. Or Kelce of course could go ham like he did last week - I think it's unlikely, but do like him to have a similar game to last time (75/1). AND we're in Arrowhead this time. But no team is better in the NFL at long, time-consuming and productive drives than the Titans. Nothing I've seen from this Chiefs D makes me think they can stop Henry let alone slow him down. For that reason I'll take the 7.5 here. I do believe KC advances to the SB however; with their superior firepower that appears when needed + the friendly confines, they will finally get Reid back in the SB.

    SF - 7.5: GB had no answers for the SF D in this game - and they were coming off a bye in Week 12. Rodgers had one of many pedestrian lines of his 2019 that afternoon (127 (13 rushing)/1 + 1 lost fumble). His lone touchdown came on a 2 yard TD to Adams, who "led" GB with 43 yards receiving that day. Jamal Williams was the 2nd-"leading" receiver with 35 yards but the bigger story is he also "led" the Packers with 45 yards on 11 carries, while Jones got less with more carries (13) - 38 yards.

    Understandably the SF offense didn't have to do much but they went ahead and did it anyway, with the production very spread out. Among Garoppolo (252/2), Mostert (67/1), Coleman (49/1), Kittle (129/1) and Samuel (50/1) only Garoppolo had more than one TD in his Brady-like performance (14-20, 0 INT, 145.8 QBR). 

    In my opinion not much has changed since week 12 for either of these teams - and that's bad news for the Packers. Between SF's pass rush (5 sacks in week 12) and their experienced secondary I'm happy to only give up 7.5.

    Super Bowl = KC v SF. That would a a damn good matchup and would need the two weeks to come up with a solid prediction on that one.



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