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  1. Certain things are simply too sensitive for you to say for some sensitive people. It's their politically correct world and you're just living in it.
  2. Yep I'm in the same boat - took a flyer on him 19th round 12-teamer. He sounds ready to roll if any rolling is to be done.
  3. Fortunately it appears he will be bothering: According to Jorge Ebro of El Nuevo Herald, Yasiel Puig has multiple contract offers on the table. The 29-year-old outfielder told Ebro, “I have offers on the table right now from other teams that aren’t the Marlins... they were one of the first teams to make me an offer but it wasn’t in my price range”. Puig also noted that it would be difficult for him to play in Miami, explaining "I asked for a little more money from Miami because playing in front of Cubans would be tough because they would expect me to go 5-5 every day." Puig is currently spending his time on a humanitarian mission -- helping the people of Miami battle the coronavirus and distributing food to hospital workers. As long as there's a Major League Baseball season in 2020, Puig fully intends to play. SOURCE: El Nuevo Herald Apr 18, 2020, 12:55 PM ET
  4. I do understand where you're coming from on this - I do not have that level of testicular fortitude however. No Guts No Glory does apply in fantasy - sometimes...
  5. I guess I'm just dense or something but I see no problem with Odell staying right where he is. A lot of things went wrong last yr in CLE - nothing new there. Mayfield had miserable year - it happens. I need a little more time to see whether this entire thing is just hot garbage or if last year was a one-off. This offense is tremendously talented on paper. We have a new coach in CLE. I want to see Odell stay in Cleveland at least one more year. They have likely the best backfield in the NFL along with Jarvis (career year last year) and now Hooper in the fold. I like Odell right where he is for the present. Everyone loves to pile on the Browns but Mayfield looked good his rookie year. They were snakebit in many ways last year.
  6. This is truly a toss-up until after next Thursday-Saturday, which can't come soon enough. I would be shocked if they don't draft at least 1 RB for depth purposes. Here's the lowdown on what they actually have going into the draft - Diggs took their #1 rounder. There are a bunch of "contingent" picks in the latter rounds as to where in the round they pick: The wide receiver the Buffalo Bills may have drafted at pick 22 could have developed into a No. 1 receiver in the NFL. Instead of gambling on the unknown, the Bills moved their first round pick, as well as a few day three picks, to acquire Stefon Diggs from the Minnesota Vikings. In doing so, Buffalo now knows that they have the No. 1 wide receiver they need to take the next step on offense. Following the trade, how many draft picks do the Bills have left in the 2020 NFL Draft? Here’s a breakdown on what we know. Round 2: 54th overall Round 3: 86th overall Round 4: 128th overall Buffalo parted with their first round pick to add Diggs to the roster, but they kept their day two picks and their first pick on day three. Brandon Beane has consistently gone with the best player available and that should continue here. Round 5: One of the following - 155th overall (from CLE) or 167th overall It has not been officially revealed which fifth round pick the Bills have sent to the Vikings. It will either be pick 155, acquired in a trade for OL Wyatt Teller, or Buffalo’s 167th pick. NYUP will update this article when specifics are made known, but the team still has one fifth round pick. Round 6: Two of the following - 188th overall (from CLE), 201st overall or 207th overall (from BAL through NE) Buffalo entered free agency with three sixth round picks. The Bills had their own pick, a sixth round selection from the Teller trade and a sixth round pick acquired from the Patriots in the Russell Bodine trade. One of these picks will be moved to Minnesota, but Buffalo will still have two sixth round selections. Round 7: One of the following - 219, 239, 249, 253 Minnesota had fourth seventh round picks entering Monday. One of the picks above will be sent to the Bills. In total, Buffalo will have seven picks in April’s draft.
  7. DJ is a guy I'm staying away from. The offense is perfect for him, so that's not the problem. DJ's managed a little over 2000 yfs and 16 TDs combined since his breakout in 2016. He's averaging 3.6 ypc since 2016. Time will tell where he's going in drafts but I'll be willing to sit back and let him "show me" what he's doing in 2020.
  8. As I said earlier - HOU is a great spot for him to land and I will be very interested in him depending on where he goes. I don't think anyone here is arguing he's a guy that goes in the top two rounds of 12-team drafts, but I can see people grabbing him in the 3rd for a quality WR2. I would not be getting him in that scenario - I would consider him as a WR2 starting in the 4th round depending on what's left of the upper-tier players at the position. If he stays healthy that could be a very solid pick with him now teamed up with Watson/the clear #1 option (assuming BOB doesn't go BOB w/a WR w/his highest pick this year (Rd 2 #40)). They also have a #3, #4 and 3 #7s. Cooks was not the #1 option in NO. He was not the #1 option in STL. He was not the #1 option in NE. "Everyone" maddeningly takes turns in those systems putting up big games. Hopkins gone leaves a tremendous amount of targets to gobble up and he is a precision route-runner. I can't think of a better place for him to go. Could he get another concussion - yes, just like everyone else. All depends on your risk tolerance, and I think his ADP will have some of that perceived risk baked in.
  9. He's so cheap though, and still relatively young (turns 27 in August). 30 HRs last year, 78 RBI, 97 runs - he's a career .785 OPS dude as well. As mentioned earlier he had the lowest BABIP of his major league career last year. Hitting cleanup in a solid lineup - I don't see how you can turn that down in the 16th, 18th round (where I got him in a mid-March draft) of a 12-team roto. Those numbers from a SS are pretty nice imo for the price. Obviously a lot of people are sour on him - could be a bargain.
  10. Bob Costas, Peter Gammons and George Will would be rolling in their graves if they heard of some of these virus solutions for baseball.
  11. Even if there wasn't a season this year (redraft) there's no one I drafted I'd drop for this WHIP-killer in the best of times. In Y! he's not on IL. No free add = no thanks imo. Dynasty - sure why not if he's cheap he's a solid #5 ASSuming he's 100% on-point returning from this injury. Big assumption.
  12. How could you say this when the thread is about to become 18 pages long? Shooting for 100.
  13. In April this forum is as interesting as the baseball forum for the first time I can remember in my lifetime. I just read the Cooks news and sure enough his thread and the Texans thread are at the top of page 1. I love Cooks and believe he was underutilized in his last two stops (NE especially). His injury issues are a factor of course but he's in the best position to succeed since he was drafted to NO imo. I will be a buyer at draft time.
  14. Sidd Finch - awesome one of the original (to me at least) "urban myths" and a perfect hoax by SI - particularly on April Fools.. French horn enthusiast who walks around barefoot and can occasionally break 120 on his fastball.
  15. Yep I mean - NBA is in for a small surprise if they think anyone cares which of their multi-millionaires compete well at Horse. I used to be a pretty rabid fan 80s/90s - I'll never go back, least of all for something like this.
  16. I'm not watching H-O-R-S-E. Can play it myself. Just saying.
  17. This is a golden opportunity to grab some NA if your league settings allow it. IL as well. On a team I went light on pitching during draft (12-teamer) - welcome Howard and Fulmer. All things normal probably would only have gotten one of those guys - maybe even none.
  18. Dude on the right hustled dude on the left big time.
  19. It has already been posted here but have to agree RE: this thread:
  20. It may be. A lot may have to do with travel or some other cause. A big international flight that arrived from "somewhere" could have been a spark. The only truly egregious "lack of cooperation" examples (that I've noticed anyway) have been coming from the South (FL, LA).
  21. The particular symptoms of this are going to affect particular people and no doubt people 30 and younger will die. But they will be a pretty small minority in the post-event stats - thankfully. Most pandemics world history this is the brutal truth.
  22. I agree- this will be one for the record books and this thread will be fascinating to read in a few years.
  23. DTV will (must) give refunds. You are not going to be paying for games that are not on. Assuming the season occurs at all, you will be compensated (if you get NFL Ticket that's a good place to start on the compensation)...