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  1. Well now you have to consider the alcohol factor - clearly I did not express myself well there, ultimately resulting in a dumb post heh heh. Weeks before the game I developed a preconceived notion that if SF held KC to 10-points or less in the first half they'd win, because the KC D was not going to hold SF to less than at least 31 points. You have to admit the niners had an opportunity to win that game because of yet another slow start by KC - but KC brought it on defense very surprisingly so to me. Anyway - I kind of forgot the game was over and it happened differently than I imagined...🍻
  2. Mahomes earned his first trophy last year, and he's about ready for a new contract. I love Mahomes although I own him nowhere. I am hoping he follows the "Brady Model" and takes deferred value in exchange for shoring up team weaknesses - particularly on defense. Brady has shown other elite QBs how to win multiple championships - spread the wealth. Mahomes could win several titles with his physical gifts combined with his high football IQ. As a fan I hope he stays in KC and builds the "next dynasty". The pieces are in place to do so. This leads to the ultimate goal which is fantasy. As long as Mahomes is teamed up with Reid he's going to be a perennial top 5 QB for at least the next 5 yrs, particularly if he's willing to be cap-friendly.
  3. SF "urinated" this game away. It's pretty dumbfounding frankly how your D holds KC to 10 pts in the 1st half and still loses - game should have been over by then. Obviously they see their QB as an open oozing weakness and don't trust him to do anything more than the minimum - I learned something today.
  4. Really disappointed in this SB. Not very good.
  5. This game is not one of the better SBs. Both teams are so frightened to make a mistake this is what we have. 20-10 after 3Qs.
  6. Very disappointing first half, in short.
  7. SF is so pathetic leaving TOs on the board in this situation. You think 10 pts is good enough at half - you's idiots.
  8. Yes - this is my understanding as well.
  9. I still have a faint glimmer of hope (I only care because I thought I was being clever taking him late in a playoff draft and am now looking like a fool with an empty roster spot) that this is speculation that happens to be wrong. If McCoy is cool with this I'd be surprised but he and Reid are buds, so I have to assume he's good with it if it happens. It's definitely a strange move if true imo.
  10. Yeah OK I can see that - but why not just get a cheap(er) FA, draft another rook QB to groom and move on. This team other than QB and a couple pieces on D is ready to rock now. Gallup is for real as a complement to Cooper, Jarwin is an intriguing option at TE. When push comes to shove - Dak throws to Jason Witten for 6 yards. That's his solution. There are other QBs that can do that for a lot less.
  11. If you franchise him in potentially a year where Mahomes gets possibly a $40M contract a franchise tender could be close to $30M. Is Dak Prescott a $30M or even $25M QB???!?!??
  12. I think he was referring to the time. My understanding was one month, not two for THC. In any case - nothing is going to happen to Hunt and he'll be signed to a max contract with CLE because I own Chubb, so none of this matters. PS RW forums - could you please adapt default underlines to only the WORD underlined instead of the WORD+ the space after it? Really really dumb and I'm tired of editing it so leaving as is to illustrate the point.
  13. huh-huh. Go for it buddy. Dude did not exactly play his way into an elite contract. Let's see how he does in NY (either team) for instance. Put him on any team - this is real tough talk considering scoreboard. If I were DAL I'd make other arrangements if this is how it's going to be... Speaking Thursday, impending free agent Dak Prescott said he's "disappointed" a deal hasn't already been done. "I’m a little disappointed that it hasn’t, but that’s part of it," was Prescott's exact quote. Prescott also pointedly told reporters he will not be training in Dallas this offseason. "Report that," Prescott said. "Be sure to report that." Prescott strongly hinted he did not want to be franchise tagged. "I don’t think any of that is necessary," Prescott said. "But that’s business. That’s all calculated. That’s all on them." It's safe to say Prescott appears to be gearing up for a game of hardball. SOURCE: Dallas Morning News Jan 30, 2020, 8:17 PM ET
  14. ? Most jobs out there - including McDonald's - require that you report convictions. When you don't - in a "timely manner" - or even if you do - you get fired.
  15. Not to mention - what are they going to actually get for Gurley. Dude is damaged goods and everyone in the league knows it.Rams are left holding this bag.
  16. I agree. But the obvious problem remains Damien has been too good. I agree with the generally dour outlook in here for LeSean's SB. Damien would have to get dinged up for him to get much run - assuming he's actually active. I have to think he will be for the SB - be very surprised if he wasn't.
  17. Eli was a compiler. He did win 2 SBs. Without those trophies he wouldn't be in the discussion, because his career stats for the most part were meaningless - the result of his playing for umpteen years and was lucky enough not to get injured. He was a decent QB, but if he gets in the HOF he'll be the worst QB there by quite a long way imo. Compiler - with a socially acceptable last name.
  18. Agreed. Rodgers appears checked out and even LaFleur seems to think most of the team is checked out. It's nice they won 13 games but I think the way they went out pretty much validates the quote above. GB would have been put out of their misery in the Divisional if any of SEA's top 14 RB options were healthy.
  19. Why are there two threads for the same topic, especially in such a slow time of the season. Anyway - the Pack got their a** kicked.
  20. ? It's one of the more interesting threads right now with things winding down. How he comes through this latest episode will have a lot to do with his "2020 Outlook". He could definitively be knocked out of any sort of chance to play again, in which case the thread will die on its own. Until that happens though he could still potentially play somewhere in the league next year.
  21. I don't own in a Dynasty - wish I did. Dude has all the tools to be a top 5-10 WR for years to come.